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Scalable, Spatiotemporal Tidy Arrays for R

Support for Scalable, Spatiotemporal Arrays in R, using GDAL bindings.


stars: spatiotemporal tidy arrays for R

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Spatiotemporal data often comes in the form of dense arrays, with space and time being array dimensions. Examples include

  • socio-economic or demographic data,
  • environmental variables monitored at fixed stations,
  • time series of satellite images with multiple spectral bands,
  • spatial simulations, and
  • climate model results.

Currently, R does not have infrastructure to handle and analyse such arrays easily. Package raster is probably still the most powerful package for handling this kind of data in memory and on disk, but does not address non-raster time series, rasters time series with multiple attributes, rasters with mixed type attributes, or spatially distributed sets of satellite images.

This project will not only deal with these cases, but also extend the "in memory or on disk" model to that where the data are held remotely in cloud storage, which is a more feasible option e.g. for satellite data collected Today. We will implement pipe-based workflows that are developed and tested on samples before they are evaluated for complete datasets, and discuss the challenges of visualiasation and storage in such workflows.



Read the full proposal here.


This project is being realized with financial support from the

Functions in stars

Name Description
st_xy2sfc replace x y raster dimensions with simple feature geometry list (points or polygons)
stars_extSoftVersion Provide the external dependencies versions of the libraries linked to stars
st_read_crs read coordinate reference system from GDAL data set
st_stars read raster/array dataset from file or connection
reexports Objects exported from other packages
st_dimensions get dimensions from stars object
gdal_utils Native interface to gdal utils
get_get_metadata get metadata of a raster layer
gdal_crs read coordinate reference system from GDAL data set
st_as_stars convert objects into a stars object
as Coerce stars object into a Raster raster or brick
dplyr dplyr verbs for stars objects
st_transform.stars transform features, or warp/resample grids in stars objects to a new coordinate reference system
st_transform transform features, or warp/resample grids in stars objects to a new coordinate reference system
plot.stars plot stars object, with subplots for each level of first non-spatial dimension
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SystemRequirements GDAL (>= 2.1.0), PROJ.4 (>= 4.8.0)
License Apache License
Collate init.R dataset.R utils.R sf.R dimensions.R stars.R raster.R plot.R tidyverse.R transform.R RcppExports.R
RoxygenNote 6.0.1

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