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by Gordon Smyth

Statistical Modeling

Miscellaneous biostatistical modeling functions.

Functions in statmod

Name Description
deprecated Deprecated Functions in statmod Package
gauss.quad Gaussian Quadrature
sage.test Compare Two SAGE Libraries
Digamma Digamma generalized linear model family
invgauss Inverse Gaussian Distribution
mixedmodel Randomized Block Mixed Linear Model
gauss.quad.prob Gaussian Quadrature with Probability Distributions
growthcurve Compare Groups of Growth Curves
logmdigamma Log Minus Digamma Function
meanT Mean t-Statistic Between Two Groups of Growth Curves
hommel.test Test Multiple Comparisons Using Hommel's Method
limdil Limiting Dilution Analysis Gamma Generalized Linear Model with Identity Link
1.StatMod Introduction to the StatMod Package
matvec Multiply a Matrix by a Vector
tweedie Tweedie Generalized Linear Models
welding Data: Tensile Strength of Welds
remlscoregamma Approximate REML for gamma regression with structured dispersion
remlscore REML for Heteroscedastic Regression
power.fisher.test Power of Fisher's Exact Test for Comparing Proportions
qresiduals Randomized Quantile Residuals
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Date 2005/10/20
License LGPL version 2 or newer
Packaged Tue Oct 25 15:16:42 2005; smyth

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