statmod (version 1.4.34)

plot.limdil: Plot or print an object of class limdil


Plot or print the results of a limiting dilution analysis.


# S3 method for limdil
print(x, …)
# S3 method for limdil
plot(x,, cex=1, lwd=1, legend.pos="bottomleft", …)



object of class limdil.

vector of colors for the groups of the same length as levels(x$group).


relative symbol size


relative line width


positioning on plot of legend when there are multiple groups

other arguments to be passed to plot or print. Note that pch and lty are reserved arguments for the plot method.


The print method formats results similarly to a regression or anova summary in R.

The plot method produces a plot of a limiting dilution experiment similar to that in Bonnefoix et al (2001). The basic design of the plot was made popular by Lefkovits and Waldmann (1979).

The plot shows frequencies and confidence intervals for the multiple groups. A novel feature is that assays with 100% successes are included in the plot and are represented by down-pointing triangles.


Bonnefoix, T, Bonnefoix, P, Callanan, M, Verdiel, P, and Sotto, JJ (2001). Graphical representation of a generalized linear model-based statistical test estimating the fit of the single-hit poisson model to limiting dilution assays. The Journal of Immunology 167, 5725-5730.

Lefkovits, I, and Waldmann, H (1979). Limiting dilution analysis of cells in the immune system. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

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