stats (version 3.6.2)

nobs: Extract the Number of Observations from a Fit.


Extract the number of ‘observations’ from a model fit. This is principally intended to be used in computing BIC (see AIC).


nobs(object, ...)

# S3 method for default nobs(object, use.fallback = FALSE, ...)



A fitted model object.


logical: should fallback methods be used to try to guess the value?

Further arguments to be passed to methods.


A single number, normally an integer. Could be NA.


This is a generic function, with an S4 generic in package stats4. There are methods in this package for objects of classes "lm", "glm", "nls" and "logLik", as well as a default method (which throws an error, unless use.fallback = TRUE when it looks for weights and residuals components -- use with care!).

The main usage is in determining the appropriate penalty for BIC, but nobs is also used by the stepwise fitting methods step, add1 and drop1 as a quick check that different fits have been fitted to the same set of data (and not, say, that further rows have been dropped because of NAs in the new predictors).

For lm, glm and nls fits, observations with zero weight are not included.

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