stats (version 3.6.2)

stats-deprecated: Deprecated Functions in Package stats


These functions are provided for compatibility with older versions of R only, and may be defunct as soon as the next release.


plclust(tree, hang = 0.1, unit = FALSE, level = FALSE, hmin = 0,
        square = TRUE, labels = NULL, plot. = TRUE,
        axes = TRUE, frame.plot = FALSE, ann = TRUE,
        main = "", sub = NULL, xlab = NULL, ylab = "Height")



an object of the type produced by hclust.


The fraction of the plot height by which labels should hang below the rest of the plot. A negative value will cause the labels to hang down from 0.


logical. If true, the splits are plotted at equally-spaced heights rather than at the height in the object.


A character vector of labels for the leaves of the tree. By default the row names or row numbers of the original data are used. If labels = FALSE no labels at all are plotted.

axes, frame.plot, ann

logical flags as in plot.default.

main, sub, xlab, ylab

character strings for title. sub and xlab have a non-NULL default when there's a tree$call.

Further graphical arguments. E.g., cex controls the size of the labels (if plotted) in the same way as text.


numeric. All heights less than hmin are regarded as being hmin: this can be used to suppress detail at the bottom of the tree.

level, square, plot.

unimplemented arguments for S-PLUS compatibility.


plcust is a deprecated wrapper for the plot method for hclust, provided long ago for S-PLUS compatibility.

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