stm (version 1.3.3)

stm-package: Structural Topic Model


This package implements the Structural Topic Model, a general approach to including document-level metadata within mixed-membership topic models. To read the vignette use vignette('stmVignette').



Functions to manipulate documents: textProcessor readCorpus prepDocuments

Functions to fit the model: stm selectModel manyTopics searchK

Functions to summarize a model: labelTopics summary.STM findThoughts

Functions for Post-Estimation: estimateEffect topicCorr permutationTest

Plotting Functions: plot.STM plot.estimateEffect plot.topicCorr plot.STMpermute plotQuote plotTopicLoess plotModels topicQuality

Pre-Fit Models and Data: gadarian gadarianFit poliblog5k


Roberts, M., Stewart, B., Tingley, D., and Airoldi, E. (2013) "The structural topic model and applied social science." In Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems Workshop on Topic Models: Computation, Application, and Evaluation.

Roberts, M., Stewart, B., Tingley, D., Lucas, C., Leder-Luis, J., Gadarian, S., Albertson, B., Albertson, B. and Rand, D. (2014). "Structural topic models for open ended survey responses." American Journal of Political Science

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