Data Stream Data Generator Base Classes

Abstract base classes for DSD (Data Stream Data Generator).


The DSD class cannot be instantiated, but it serves as a abstract base class from which all DSD objects inherit.

DSD_R inherits form DSD and is the abstract parent class for DSD implemented in R. To create a new R-based implementation there are only two function that needs to be implemented for a new DSD subclass: A creator function (the name should start with DSD_) and a method get_points() for that class.

DSD provides common functionality like print(), plot(), etc.

Note that calling DSD() or DSD_R() results in an error since both are abstract classes.

See Also

animate_data, animate_cluster, cluster, evaluate, get_points, plot, recluster, write_stream

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  • description
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  • DSD_R
# create data stream with three clusters in 3-dimensional space 
stream <- DSD_Gaussians(k=3, d=3)

# get points from stream
get_points(stream, n=5)  

# get points with true cluster assignment
p <- get_points(stream, n=5, cluster=TRUE)
attr(p, "cluster")
# plotting the data (scatter plot matrix, first and third dimension, and first
#  two principal components)
plot(stream, dim=c(1,3))
plot(stream, method="pc")
Documentation reproduced from package stream, version 1.2-3, License: GPL-3

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