Data Stream Clusterer Base Classes

Abstract base classes for all DSC (Data Stream Clusterer) and DSC\_R classes.


The DSC and DSC_R classes cannot be instantiated (calling DSC() or DSC_R() produces errors), but they serve as a base class from which other DSC classes inherit.

Class DSC provides several generic functions that can operate on all DSC subclasses: print(), plot(), nclusters() to get the current number of clusters, get_centers() to get the cluster centers, and get_weights() to get the cluster weights (if implemented). get_centers() and get_weights() are typically overwritten by subclasses of DSC. DSC_R provides these functions for R-based DSC implementations.

Since DSC objects often contain external pointers, regular saving and reading operations will fail. Use saveDSC() and readDSC() which will serialize the objects first appropriately.

See Also

animate_cluster, cluster, evaluate, get_assignment, get_centers, get_weights, get_copy, microToMacro, nclusters, plot, prune_clusters, recluster, readDSC, saveDSC

  • DSC
  • DSC_R
  • get_microclusters
  • get_microweights
  • get_macroclusters
  • get_macroweights
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