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Non-Invasive Pretty Printing of R Code

Pretty-prints R code without changing the user's formatting intent.



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The goal of styler is to provide non-invasive pretty-printing of R source code while adhering to the tidyverse formatting rules. Support for custom style guides is planned.

You can install the package from GitHub:

# install.packages("remotes")

You can style a simple character vector of code with style_text():

ugly_code <- "a<-function( x){1+1}           "
#> a <- function(x) {
#>   1 + 1
#> }

There are a few variants of style_text():

  • style_file() styles .R and/or .Rmd files.
  • style_dir() styles all .R files in a directory.
  • style_pkg() styles the source files of an R package.
  • RStudio Addins for styling the active file, styling the current package and styling the highlighted code region.

You can find more information on the wiki of Google Summer of Code 2017 or check out the pkgdown page.

Functions in styler

Name Description
add_spaces_or_newlines Concentrate newlines or spaces in a string
add_line_col_to_wrapped_expr Adds line and col information to an expression from its child
add_token_terminal Add information about previous / next token to each terminal
apply_transformers Apply transformers to a parse table
add_id_and_short Add column pos_id and short
assert_tokens Check token validity
assert_filetype Make sure all supplied file types are allowed
compute_indent_indices Compute the indices that need indention
assert_text Assert text to be of positive length and replace it with the empty string otherwise.
compute_parse_data_nested Obtain a nested parse table from a character vector
can_verify_roundtrip Check whether a roundtrip verification can be carried out
apply_ref_indention Apply reference indention to tokens
character_to_ordered Convert a character vector to an ordered factor
apply_ref_indention_one Applying reference indention of a target token
context_to_terminals Propagate context to terminals
communicate_summary Communicate the summary of styling
context_towards_terminals Update the a parse table given outer context
create_tree Create a tree from text
communicate_warning Communicate a warning if necessary
default_style_guide_attributes Initialize default style guide attributes
copy_to_tempdir Copy a file to a temporary directory
create_node_from_nested_root Convert a nested tibble into a node tree
create_pos_ids Create valid pos_ids if possible
create_node_from_nested Create node from nested parse data
extract_terminals Extract terminal tokens
choose_indention Choose the indention method for the tokens
find_block_id Find the block to which a token belongs
get_knitr_pattern Get chunk pattern
combine_children Combine child and internal child
get_parse_data Obtain robust parse data
enhance_mapping_special Enhance the mapping of text to the token "SPECIAL"
bind_with_child Bind a parse table with one of its children
calls_sys Invoke a system command
enrich_terminals Enrich flattened parse table
construct_out Construct *-out.R from a *-in.R
construct_tree Construct paths of a tree object given the paths of *-in.R files
identify_chunks Identify chunks within Rmd contents
initialize_attributes Initialize attributes
expressions_are_identical Check whether two expressions are identical
make_transformer Closure to return a transformer function
extend_if_comment Find the index of the last comment in the sequence of comments-only tokens after the token that has position pos in pd.
map_filetype_to_pattern Map the file type to a corresponding regular expression
flatten_pd Flatten a parse table
relocate_eq_assign Relocate the expressions containing the token EQ_ASSIGN within the nested parse table
relocate_eq_assign_nest Relocate all assignment expressions that contain EQ_ASSIGN within a nest
construct_vertical Construct an object of class vertical
start_comments_with_space Start comments with a space
contains_else_expr_that_needs_braces Check whether an else expression needs braces
style_dir Prettify arbitrary R code
create_style_guide Create a style guide
testthat_file Create the path to a test that file
tidyverse_style The tidyverse style
verify_str_txt Verify the text of strings
verify_roundtrip Verify the styling
next_non_comment Find the index of the next non-comment in a parse table
needs_indention_one Check whether indention is needed
nest_parse_data Nest a flat parse table
parse_transform_serialize Parse, transform and serialize text
relocate_eq_assign_one Relocate an assignment expression
pd_is Check whether a parse table corresponds to a certain expression
find_start_line Get the start right
pd_is_multi_line Check whether a parse table is a multi-line token
find_start_pos_id Find legit starting value for a new positional id
math_token_spacing Specify spacing around math tokens
set_arg_write_tree Set the write_tree argument
needs_indention Check whether indention is needed
set_line_break_if_call_is_multi_line Set line break for multi-line function calls
serialize_parse_data_flattened Serialize flattened parse data
set_and_assert_arg_filetype Set the file type argument
style_pkg Prettify R source code
test_collection Run a collection of tests
style_space_around_math_token Style spacing around math tokens
generate_test_samples Generate a comprehensive collection test cases for comment / insertion interaction Test consist of if / if-else / if-else-if-else cases, paired with various line-break and comment configurations. Used for internal testing.
transform_files Transform files with transformer functions
lookup_new_special lookup which new tokens were created from "SPECIAL"
lookup_tokens Lookup all tokens that have a unique token-text mapping
test_transformer Transforming test input with a transformer function
transform_rmd Transform Rmd contents
try_transform_as_r_file Style a file as if it was an .R file
wrap_if_else_multi_line_in_curly Wrap if-else statement in curly braces
wrap_subexpr_in_curly Wrap a sub-expression in curly braces
unindent_child Unindent a child
rep_char Repeat elements of a character vector times times and collapse it
wrap_expr_in_curly Wrap an expression in curly braces
set_spaces Helper for setting spaces
wrap_expr_in_expr Wrap an expression into an expression
set_unindention_child Unindent a child if necessary
style_space_around_math_token_one Set spacing of token to a certain level
create_tokens Create a terminal token
style_file Style .R and/or .Rmd files
flatten_operators Flatten some token in the nested parse table based on operators
style_guides Style guides
tokenize Obtain token table from text
flatten_operators_one Flatten one level of nesting with its child
transform_and_check Transform a file an check the result
set_space_between_eq_sub_and_comma Set space between EQ_SUB and "','"
style_text Style a string
set_space_between_levels Set space between levels of nesting
update_indention Update indention information of parse data
update_indention_ref Update the indention reference
update_newlines Update the newlines attribute
prettify_any Prettify R code in current working directory
set_multi_line Set the multi-line column
validate_new_pos_ids Validate sequence of new position ids
set_regex_indention Set indention of tokens that match regex
visit_one Transform a flat parse table with a list of transformers
styler-package Non-invasive pretty printing of R code
reindention Specify what is re-indented how
styler_addins Stylers for RStudio Addins
transform_code Transform code from R or Rmd files
transform_file Transform a file and output a customized message
visit Visit'em all
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