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Analysis of Complex Survey Samples

Summary statistics, two-sample tests, rank tests, generalised linear models, cumulative link models, Cox models, loglinear models, and general maximum pseudolikelihood estimation for multistage stratified, cluster-sampled, unequally weighted survey samples. Variances by Taylor series linearisation or replicate weights. Post-stratification, calibration, and raking. Two-phase subsampling designs. Graphics. PPS sampling without replacement. Principal components, factor analysis.

Functions in survey

Name Description
confint.svyglm Confidence intervals for regression parameters
estweights Estimated weights for missing data
brrweights Compute replicate weights
hospital Sample of obstetric hospitals
calibrate Calibration (GREG) estimators
ftable.svystat Lay out tables of survey statistics
compressWeights Compress replicate weight matrix
make.calfun Calibration metrics
scd Survival in cardiac arrest
regTermTest Wald test for a term in a regression model
crowd Household crowding
fpc Small survey example
open.DBIsvydesign Open and close DBI connections
dimnames.DBIsvydesign Dimensions of survey designs
svyciprop Confidence intervals for proportions
nonresponse Experimental: Construct non-response weights
rake Raking of replicate weight design
nhanes Cholesterol data from a US survey
svytable Contingency tables for survey data
svyglm Survey-weighted generalised linear models.
psrsq Pseudo-Rsquareds
hadamard Hadamard matrices
paley Paley-type Hadamard matrices
mu284 Two-stage sample from MU284
svycontrast Linear and nonlinearconstrasts of survey statistics
marginpred Standardised predictions (predictive margins) for regression models.
svycoplot Conditioning plots of survey data
surveyoptions Options for the survey package
svymle Maximum pseudolikelihood estimation in complex surveys
svyquantile Quantiles for sample surveys Analyse plausible values in surveys
svyranktest Design-based rank tests
with.svyimputationList Analyse multiple imputations
svylogrank Compare survival distributions
svyhist Histograms and boxplots
svystandardize Direct standardization within domains
svysmooth Scatterplot smoothing and density estimation
svysurvreg Fit accelerated failure models to survey data
surveysummary Summary statistics for sample surveys
svyttest Design-based t-test
svyby Survey statistics on subsets
election US 2004 presidential election data at state or county level
svykm Estimate survival function.
svycdf Cumulative Distribution Function
svyloglin Loglinear models
svyratio Ratio estimation Subset of survey
stratsample Take a stratified sample
svycoxph Survey-weighted Cox models.
pchisqsum Distribution of quadratic forms
svyrecvar Variance estimation for multistage surveys
yrbs One variable from the Youth Risk Behaviors Survey, 2015.
withReplicates Compute variances by replicate weighting
svycralpha Cronbach's alpha
svrVar Compute variance from replicates
svyfactanal Factor analysis in complex surveys (experimental).
svyolr Proportional odds and related models
trimWeights Trim sampling weights
svrepdesign Specify survey design with replicate weights
svyCprod Computations for survey variances
svy.varcoef Sandwich variance estimator for glms
postStratify Post-stratify a survey
svydesign Survey sample analysis.
svyplot Plots for survey data
twophase Two-phase designs
svyivreg Two-stage least-squares for instrumental variable regression Add variables to a survey design
svypredmeans Predictive marginal means Survey design weights
svykappa Cohen's kappa for agreement
svyprcomp Sampling-weighted principal component analysis
SE Extract standard errors
as.fpc Package sample and population size data
HR Wrappers for specifying PPS designs
anova.svyglm Model comparison for glms.
api Student performance in California schools
bootweights Compute survey bootstrap weights
barplot.svystat Barplots and Dotplots
as.svydesign2 Update to the new survey design format
as.svrepdesign Convert a survey design to use replicate weights
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