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Tools to Work with Survey Data

Data obtained from surveys contains information not only about the survey responses, but also the survey metadata, e.g. the original survey questions and the answer options. The 'surveydata' package makes it easy to keep track of this metadata, and to easily extract columns with specific questions.

Functions in surveydata

Name Description
names<- Updates names and variable.labels attribute of surveydata.
leveltest Fix level formatting of all question with Yes/No type answers.
is.surveydata Tests whether an object is of class surveydata.
lapply_names Applies function only to named elements of a list.
rm.attrs Removes pattern and variable.labels from attributes list.
split_common_unique Get common and unique text in question based on regex pattern identification
strCommonUnique Finds the common and unique elements in a character vector.
merge Merge surveydata objects.
rm.pattern Removes pattern from attributes list.
merge_varlabels Merges variable.labels attribute from two surveydata objects
membersurvey Data frame with survey data of member satisfaction survey.
pattern Returns and updates pattern attribute.
Extract Extract or replace subsets of surveydata, ensuring that the varlabels stay in synch.
remove_all_dont_know Removes "Do not know" and other similar words from factor levels in data frame.
question_text Returns question text. Coerces surveydata object to data.frame.
question_text_common Returns common element of question text.
has_dont_know Tests whether levels contain "Don't know".
survey_plot_title Construct plot title from the question text, wrapping at the desired width.
print_opentext Print open text
intToEnc Converts an integer vector to a character vector.
remove_dont_know Removes "Don't know" from levels and replaces with NA.
question_order Changes vector to ordered factor, adding NA levels if applicable.
survey_plot_yes_no Plot data in yes/no format.
varlabels Returns and updates variable.labels attribute of surveydata object.
question_text_unique Returns unique elements of question text.
qText Deprecated functions.
survey_plot_question Plots single and as multi-response questions.
questions Returns a list of all the unique questions in the surveydata object.
which.q Identifies the columns indices corresponding to a specific question.
surveydata-package Tools, classes and methods to manipulate survey data.
survey_plot_satisfaction Plot satisfaction
as.surveydata Coercion from and to surveydata.
as_opentext_datatable Converts free format question text to datatable using the DT package.
cbind.surveydata Combines surveydata object by columns.
fix_common_encoding_problems Fix common encoding problems when working with web imported data.
dplyr-surveydata Methods to support dplyr verbs.
dropout Calculates at which questions repondents drop out.
fix_levels_01_spss Fix level formatting of all question with Yes/No type answers.
encToInt Converts a character vector to an integer vector
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