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Formula-Driven Table Generation

Computes and displays complex tables of summary statistics. Output may be in LaTeX, HTML, plain text, or an R matrix for further processing.

Functions in tables

Name Description
AllObs Display all observations in a table.
as.matrix.tabular Convert tabular object to matrix
labels Retrieve or modify the row or column labels.
as.tabular Convert matrix or dataframe to tabular object.
html.tabular Display a tabular object using HTML.
Arguments Arguments pseudo-function
DropEmpty DropEmpty pseudo-function
write.csv.tabular Write table to file in CSV or other format.
latex.tabular Display a tabular object using LaTeX.
Hline Add a horizontal line to a LaTeX table.
PlusMinus Generate x +/- y terms in table.
tabular Compute complex table
table_options Set or query options for the table formatting.
latexNumeric Process numeric LaTeX or HTML values.
toKable Convert tabular object to knitr_kable format.
knit_print.tabular Custom printing of tabular objects.
Justify Justify pseudo-function
labelSubset Add a label to a logical vector.
Format Format pseudo-function
Heading Heading pseudo-function
Percent Pseudo-function to compute a statistic relative to a reference set.
RowFactor Use a variable as a factor to give rows in a table.
All Include all columns of a dataframe.
Literal Insert a literal entry into a table margin.
Paste Generate terms to paste values together in table.
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License GPL-2
VignetteBuilder knitr
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Packaged 2018-11-11 15:33:02 UTC; murdoch
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2018-11-11 18:50:02 UTC

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