Get subtaxa

Return data for the subtaxa of each taxon in an taxonomy() or taxmap() object.

obj$subtaxa(subset = NULL, recursive = TRUE,
  simplify = FALSE, include_input = FALSE, value = NULL)
subtaxa(obj, subset = NULL, recursive = TRUE,
  simplify = FALSE, include_input = FALSE, value = NULL)


The taxonomy() or taxmap() object containing taxon information to be queried.


(character) taxon_ids or taxon indexes for which supertaxa will be returned. Default: All taxa in obj will be used.


(logical or numeric) If FALSE, only return the subtaxa one rank below the target taxa. If TRUE, return all the subtaxa of every subtaxa, etc. Positive numbers indicate the number of ranks below the immediate subtaxa to return. 1 is equivalent to FALSE. Negative numbers are equivalent to TRUE. Since the algorithm is optimized for traversing all of large trees, numeric values greater than 0 for this option actually take slightly longer to compute than either TRUE or FALSE.


(logical) If TRUE, then combine all the results into a single vector of unique values.


(logical) If TRUE, the input taxa are included in the output


What data to return. This is usually the name of column in a table in obj$data. Any result of all_names() can be used, but it usually only makes sense to data that corresponds to taxa 1:1, such as taxon_ranks(). By default, taxon indexes are returned.


If simplify = FALSE, then a list of vectors are returned corresponding to the target argument. If simplify = TRUE, then the unique values are returned in a single vector.

See Also

Other taxonomy indexing functions: leaves, roots, stems, supertaxa

  • subtaxa
# return the indexes for subtaxa for each taxon

# Only return data for some taxa using taxon indexes
subtaxa(ex_taxmap, subset = 1:3)

# Only return data for some taxa using taxon ids
subtaxa(ex_taxmap, subset = c("3", "4"))

# Only return data for some taxa using logical tests
subtaxa(ex_taxmap, subset = taxon_ranks == "genus")

# Only return subtaxa one level below
subtaxa(ex_taxmap, recursive = FALSE)

# Only return subtaxa some number of ranks below
subtaxa(ex_taxmap, recursive = 2)

# Return something besides taxon indexes
subtaxa(ex_taxmap, value = "taxon_names")
# }
Documentation reproduced from package taxa, version 0.1.0, License: MIT + file LICENSE

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