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Handling Taxonomic Lists

Handling taxonomic lists through objects of class 'taxlist'. This package provides functions to import species lists from 'Turboveg' (<>) and the possibility to create backups from resulting R-objects. Also quick displays are implemented as summary-methods.

Functions in taxlist

Name Description
count_taxa Count taxa within a taxlist object
summary Print Overviews for taxlist Objects and their Content
taxon_traits Manipulation of taxon traits in taxlist objects.
taxon_views Management of concept views in taxonomic lists.
tax2traits Set Taxonomic Information as Taxon Traits
subset Subset Method for taxlist Objects
levels Set and Retrieves Hierarchical Levels
replace_x Data Manipulation
taxlist-package Handling Taxonomic Lists
match_names Search Matchings between Character and taxlist Objects
taxlist-class Class taxlist
merge_taxa Merge Concepts
get_children,get_parents Retrieve Children or Parents of Taxon Concepts
dissect_name Dissect Scientific Names into their Elements
print_name Format Usage Names for Publications
tnrs Phylotastic Taxonomic Name Resolution Service.
tv2taxlist Import species lists from Turboveg databases.
taxon_relations Retrieve or replace slot taxonRelations in taxlist objects
taxon_names Handle Information on Taxon Usage Names
deprecated-functions Deprecated Functions
backup_object Make and load Backups of R Objects
Easplist-data List of Vascular Plants from East Africa
clean_strings Cleaning Character Strings
df2taxlist Convert Data Frames into taxlist Objects
Extract Extract or Replace Parts of taxlist Objects
clean Clean Orphaned Records
accepted_name Manage Accepted Names, Synonyms and Basionyms
as.list Coerce an S4 Object to a List
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LazyData true
License GPL (>= 2)
Collate 'NULLing.R''auxiliary_functions.R''deprecated-functions.R' 'replace_x.R''dissect_name.R''clean_strings.R' 'taxlist-class.R''clean.R''as.list.R''taxon_views.R''add_view.R' 'count_taxa.R''taxon_names.R''taxon_relations.R''taxon_traits.R' 'levels.R''add_concept.R''update_concept.R''add_synonym.R' 'accepted_name.R''synonyms.R''basionym.R''update_name.R''delete_name.R' 'get_children.R' 'change_concept.R''Extract.R''subset.R' 'merge_taxa.R''backup_object.R''load_last.R''summary.R' 'df2taxlist.R''tv2taxlist.R''tnrs.R''tax2traits.R''match_names.R''print_name.R' 'StartMessage.R'
VignetteBuilder knitr
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2020-01-10 09:20:13 UTC; ma
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2020-01-10 16:30:02 UTC

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