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Advanced Tensor Arithmetic with Named Indices

Provides convenience functions for advanced linear algebra with tensors and computation with datasets of tensors on a higher level abstraction. It includes Einstein and Riemann summing conventions, dragging, co- and contravariate indices, parallel computations on sequences of tensors.

Functions in tensorA

Name Description
margin.tensor Marginalization of tensors
svd.tensor Singular value decomposition of tensors
tensorA-package The tensorA package for tensor arithmetic
bind.tensor A cbind/rbind for tensors
chol.tensor Cholesky decomposition of a tensor
norm.tensor Calculate the Euclidean norm or Euclidean operator norm of a tensor or its subtensors
one.tensor Creates a tensor with all entries 1
slice.tensor Working with the indices of a tensor (accessing, slicing, renaming, ...)
solve.tensor Solving linear equations with tensors
delta.tensor Creates a Kronecker delta tensor
diagmul.tensor Multiplication of a tensor with a tensor given by its diagonal
mark.tensor Marks the names of a tensor with a mark
mean.tensor Mean and variance of tensors
diag.tensor Creates a "diagonal" tensor
drag.tensor Managing covariate and contravariate indices
tripledelta.tensor A tensor with entry 1 if and only if three indices are equal
pos.tensor enumeration of index combinations
undrop.tensor Adds a spurious dimension to a tensor
power.tensor Compute the power of a symmetric tensor
mul.tensor Tensor multiplication for the tensor class
names.tensor Getting and setting index and dimensionnames of a tensor
add.tensor Element-wise arithmetic operations +,-,*,/ with tensors
reorder.tensor Permutation of indices and storage sequence of a tensor
untensor Removes indices/dimensions from a tensor
as.tensor Coercion to a tensor
reptensor Repeats a tensor
to.tensor Creates a tensor object
inv.tensor Inversion of a tensor as linear mapping from tensors to tensors
is.tensor Checking for being a tensor
riemann.tensor Tensor multiplication with Riemann's convention
sequencing Working with index sequences
toPos.tensor get the position of an index of tensor
to.matrix.tensor The matrix corresponding to a tensor seen as a linear mapping of tensors.
trace.tensor Collapse a tensor
ftable.tensor Pretty printing of tensors
einstein.tensor Tensor multiplication with Einstein's convention, by summing over all equally named indices.
level.tensor The level (number of indices) of a tensor
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Date 2008-5-14
License GPL (>= 2)
URL http://www.stat.boogaart.de/tensorA
Encoding latin1
Packaged 2018-07-29 16:06:59 UTC; hornik
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2018-07-29 16:29:00 UTC
NeedsCompilation yes

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