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Tests and checks characteristics of R objects

tester allows you to test characteristics of common R objects.

Functions in tester

Name Description
is_decimal Is decimal
is_class Is class
is_natural Is natural
has_factors Has factors?
is_multiple Is multiple
is_positive_integer Is positive integer
is_diagonal Is diagonal matrix
is_negative_decimal Is negative decimal
is_negative Is negative
is_negative_integer Is negative integer
is_odd Is even
is_string Is string
is_positive_decimal Is positive decimal
is_single_number Is single number
is_vector Is vector
is_single_negative_integer Is single negative integer
is_single_negative_decimal Is single negative decimal
list_with_vectors List with vectors
is_square_matrix Is square matrix
has_dimension Has dimension?
same_mode Same Mode
has_names Has or lacks names?
is_single_positive_decimal Is single positive decimal
is_dataframe Is data frame
is_single_false Is single false
is_scalar Is scalar
same_class Same Class
is_square_numeric_matrix Is square numeric matrix
is_integer Is integer
same_length Same Length
is_matrix Is matrix
same_dim Same Dimension
same_type Same Type
is_single_true Is single true
has_missing Has missing values, NA, NaN, Inf
is_even Is even
is_single_even Is single even
is_triangular_matrix Is triangular matrix
is_single_odd Is single odd
is_single_negative Is single negative number
is_single_positive Is single positive number
is_single_positive_integer Is single positive integer
is_single_decimal Is single decimal
has_rownames Has or lacks row/column names?
same_nrow Same Number of Rows / Columns
is_single Is single
is_positive Is positive
is_tabular Is tabular
is_single_logical Is single logical
is_one_dim Test if an object has one-dimension
is_single_string Is single string
list_of_vectors List of vectors
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Type Package
Date 2013-11-14
License GPL-3
URL http://www.gastonsanchez.com
VignetteBuilder knitr
Collate 'has-dimension.r' 'has_factors.r' 'has-missing.r' 'has-names.r' 'is-class.r' 'is-dataframe.r' 'is-decimal.r' 'is-integer.r' 'is-matrix.r' 'is-multiple.r' 'is-natural.r' 'is-positive-negative.r' 'is-string.r' 'is-tabular.r' 'is-triangular.r' 'is-vector.r' 'is_square_matrix.r' 'list-of-vectors.r' 'list-with-vectors.r' 'odd-even.r' 'true-false.r' 'same-class.r' 'same-dim.r' 'same-length.r' 'same-mode.r' 'same-type.r' 'is-one-dim.r' 'is-single.r' 'is-scalar.r'
Packaged 2013-11-14 07:11:30 UTC; Gaston
NeedsCompilation no
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2013-11-14 09:26:49

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