tibble (version 1.4.2)

add_row: Add rows to a data frame


This is a convenient way to add one or more rows of data to an existing data frame. See tribble() for an easy way to create an complete data frame row-by-row.


add_row(.data, ..., .before = NULL, .after = NULL)



Data frame to append to.


Name-value pairs, passed on to tibble(). Only columns that exist in .data can be used, unset columns will get an NA value. These arguments are passed on to tibble(), and therefore also support unquote via !! and unquote-splice via !!!.

.before, .after

One-based row index where to add the new rows, default: after last row.


add_case() is an alias of add_row().

See Also

Other addition: add_column


Run this code
# add_row ---------------------------------
df <- tibble(x = 1:3, y = 3:1)

add_row(df, x = 4, y = 0)

# You can specify where to add the new rows
add_row(df, x = 4, y = 0, .before = 2)

# You can supply vectors, to add multiple rows (this isn't
# recommended because it's a bit hard to read)
add_row(df, x = 4:5, y = 0:-1)

# Absent variables get missing values
add_row(df, x = 4)

# You can't create new variables
# }
add_row(df, z = 10)
# }

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