Add graphs, nodes, or edges to a tbl_graph

These functions are tbl_graph pendants to dplyr::bind_rows() that allows you to grow your tbl_graph by adding rows to either the nodes data, the edges data, or both. As with bind_rows() columns are matched by name and are automatically filled with NA if the column doesn't exist in some instances. In the case of bind_graphs() the graphs are automatically converted to tbl_graph objects prior to binding. The edges in each graph will continue to reference the nodes in the graph where they originated, meaning that their terminal node indexes will be shifted to match the new index of the node in the combined graph. This means the bind_graphs() always result in a disconnected graph. See graph_join() for merging graphs on common nodes.

bind_graphs(.data, ...)

bind_nodes(.data, ...)

bind_edges(.data, ...)


A tbl_graph


In case of bind_nodes() and bind_edges() data.frames to add. In the case of bind_graphs() objects that are convertible to tbl_graph using as_tbl_graph().


A tbl_graph containing the new data

  • bind_graphs
  • bind_nodes
  • bind_edges
graph <- create_notable('bull')
new_graph <- create_notable('housex')

# Add nodes
graph %>% bind_nodes(data.frame(new = 1:4))

# Add edges
graph %>% bind_edges(data.frame(from = 1, to = 4:5))

# Add graphs
graph %>% bind_graphs(new_graph)

# }
Documentation reproduced from package tidygraph, version 1.1.2, License: MIT + file LICENSE

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