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Rmetrics - Chronological and Calendar Objects

The 'timeDate' class fulfils the conventions of the ISO 8601 standard as well as of the ANSI C and POSIX standards. Beyond these standards it provides the "Financial Center" concept which allows to handle data records collected in different time zones and mix them up to have always the proper time stamps with respect to your personal financial center, or alternatively to the GMT reference time. It can thus also handle time stamps from historical data records from the same time zone, even if the financial centers changed day light saving times at different calendar dates.

Functions in timeDate

Name Description
round Rounding and Truncating 'timeDate' Objects
difftimeDate Difference of two 'timeDate' Objects
start Terminal Times and Range
dayOfYear Day of the Year
timeDate-class Class "timeDate"
.endpoints Endpoints Indexes
as.timeDate Any to 'timeDate' Coercion
plot-methods Plot Methods
timeDateMathOps timeDate Mathematical Operations
onOrAfter OnOrAfter/Before Dates
blockStart Equally sized 'timeDate' Blocks
kurtosis Kurtosis
periods Rolling periods
listHolidays List of Holidayss
timeSequence Regularly spaced 'timeDate' objects
DaylightSavingTime Daylight Saving Time Rules
holidayNERC NERC Holiday Calendar
RmetricsOptions Rmetrics Option Settings
currentYear Current Year
format-methods Format Methods
length Length of a 'timeDate' Object
unique Making a 'timeDate' object unique
Sys.timeDate System Time as 'timeDate' Object
finCenter Financial Center of a timeDate object
timeDate 'timeDate' Objects from Scratch
Easter Date of Easter
julian Julian Counts and Calendar Atoms
nDay n-th n-day Dates
holidayNYSE NYSE Holiday Calendar
holidayTSX TSX Holiday Calendar
names-methods The Names of a timeDate Object
show-methods Show Methods
c Concatenating 'timeDate' Objects
timeDate-package Utilities and Tools Package
window Time Windows
align Making a 'timeDate' object unique
dayOfWeek Day of the Week
isRegular Checks if a date/time vector is regular
isWeekday Weekdays and Weekends
timeCalendar 'timeDate' from Calendar Atoms
holidayDate Public and Ecclesiastical Holidays
holidayLONDON London Bank Holidays
rep Replicating 'timeDate' Objects
is.na-methods is.na Methods
rev Reverting 'timeDate' Objects
skewness Skewness
subset Subsetting a 'timeDate' Object
rulesFinCenter Financial Centers DST Rules
summary-methods Summary Method
whichFormat Format Recognation
firstDay First and Last Days
holidayZURICH Zurich Holiday Calendar
isBizday Business and Holidays
holiday Holiday Dates
myFinCenter myFinCenter Variable
myUnits Frequency of date/time Units
listFinCenter List of Financial Centers
midnightStandard Midnight Standard
sample Resampling 'timeDate' Objects
diff Lagged 'timeDate' Differences
sort Sorting 'timeDate' Objects
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Date 2018-02-21
LazyData yes
License GPL (>= 2)
URL https://www.rmetrics.org
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2018-02-21 13:20:37 UTC; Tobias Setz
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2018-02-21 23:23:49 UTC

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