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Flexible Regression Models for Survival Data

Programs for Martinussen and Scheike (2006), `Dynamic Regression Models for Survival Data', Springer Verlag. Plus more recent developments. Additive survival model, semiparametric proportional odds model, fast cumulative residuals, excess risk models and more. Flexible competing risks regression including GOF-tests. Two-stage frailty modelling. PLS for the additive risk model. Lasso in the 'ahaz' package.

Functions in timereg

Name Description
event.split EventSplit (SurvSplit).
invsubdist Finds inverse of piecwise linear sub-distribution
csl CSL liver chirrosis data
mela.pop Melanoma data and Danish population mortality by age and sex
cum.residuals Model validation based on cumulative residuals
melanoma The Melanoma Survival Data
wald.test Makes wald test
two.stage Fit Clayton-Oakes-Glidden Two-Stage model
recurrent.marginal.coxmean Estimates marginal mean of recurrent events based on two cox models
qcut Cut a variable
cox.aalen Fit Cox-Aalen survival model
pval For internal use
plot.aalen Plots estimates and test-processes
plot.cum.residuals Plots cumulative residuals
recurrent.marginal.mean Estimates marginal mean of recurrent events
res.mean Residual mean life (restricted)
comp.risk Competings Risks Regression
diabetes The Diabetic Retinopathy Data
dynreg Fit time-varying regression model
mypbc my version of the PBC data of the survival package
krylow.pls Fits Krylow based PLS for additive hazards model
cox.ipw Missing data IPW Cox
predict.timereg Predictions for Survival and Competings Risks Regression for timereg
plot.dynreg Plots estimates and test-processes
sim.cif Simulation of output from Cumulative incidence regression model
pava.pred Make predictions of predict functions in rows mononotone
sim.cox Simulation of output from Cox model.
prep.comp.risk Set up weights for delayed-entry competing risks data for comp.risk function
print.aalen Prints call
summary.cum.residuals Prints summary statistics for goodness-of-fit tests based on cumulative residuals
pc.hazard Simulation of Piecewise constant hazard model (Cox).
pe.sasieni Fits Proportional excess hazards model with fixed offsets
timecox Fit Cox model with partly timevarying effects.
prop Identifies the multiplicative terms in Cox-Aalen model and proportional excess risk model
prop.excess Fits Proportional excess hazards model
simsubdist Simulation from subdistribution function assuming piecwise linearity
prop.odds Fit Semiparametric Proportional 0dds Model
summary.aalen Prints summary statistics
prop.odds.subdist Fit Semiparametric Proportional 0dds Model for the competing risks subdistribution
restricted.residual.mean Estimates restricted residual mean for Cox or Aalen model
sim.cause.cox Simulation of cause specific from Cox models.
TRACE The TRACE study group of myocardial infarction
aalen Fit additive hazards model
const Identifies parametric terms of model
cox Identifies proportional excess terms of model
bmt The Bone Marrow Transplant Data
cause.pchazard.sim Simulation of Piecewise constant hazard models with two causes (Cox).
Event Event history object
Gprop.odds Fit Generalized Semiparametric Proportional 0dds Model
cd4 The multicenter AIDS cohort study
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