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Time Indexes and Time Indexed Series

Functions and S3 classes for time indexes and time indexed series, which are compatible with FAME frequencies.

Functions in tis

Name Description
barplot.tis Barplot for Time Indexed Series
barplot2 Horizontally Shifted Bar Plots
dateRange Start and End Time Indices for a Series
aggregate.tis Compute Summary Statistics of Time Series Subsets
as.data.frame.tis Coerce to a Data Frame
dayOfPeriod Day positions in Time Index Periods
as.Date.jul Convert ti or jul objects to Dates
cbind.tis Combine Series Into a Multivariate (Matrix) Time Indexed Series
as.list.ti Construct a List from a Time Index or Jul Object
inferTi Create a Time Index to Match a Vector of DateTimes
interpNA Interpolate missing values in a Time Indexed Series
plotWindow Set up Coordinates for Graphics Window
basis Optional tis attributes
columns Rows and Columns of a Matrix
between Check for Inclusion in a Closed Interval
csv Writes a CSV (comma separated values) file.
description Description and Documentation Attributes
evalOrEcho Evaluate an Argument If Possible
isLeapYear Check Leap Year
jul Julian Date Objects
linearSplineIntegration Linear Spline Integration
print.ti Print a Time Index
cumsum.tis Cumulative Sums, Products, and Extremes
setDefaultFrequencies Return Known Time Index Frequencies, Change Default Frequencies
lines.tis Plotting Time Indexed Series
ssDate ssDate Objects
frColors FRB Color Palettes
start.tis Starting and ending time indexes
growth.rate Growth Rates of Time Series
solve.tridiag Solve a Tridiagonal System of Equations
as.matrix.tis Create a Matrix from a Time Indexed Series
mergeSeries Merge Time Indexed Series
as.ts.tis Convert a Time Indexed Series to a Time Series
POSIXct Date-time Constructor Functions
RowMeans Form Row Sums and Means
naWindow Exclude NA and Zero Observations
t.tis Matrix Transpose
Intraday R support for Intraday frequencies
ti Time Index Objects
isIntradayTif Check for Intraday Time Index Frequency
blanks Blanks
capitalize Capitalize strings
format.ti Convert Time Index or Jul to Character
fortify.tis Fortify a tis object
nberShade Plotting NBER Recesssions
screenPage Page Setup for Plots
setColors Set the Graphics Palette and Default Colors
print.tis Printing Time Indexed Series
tif Time Index Frequencies and Periods
nberShade.ggplot Plotting NBER Recesssions in the ggplot graphics system
window.tis Time windows for Time Indexed Series
scatterPlot Produce high-quality scatter plots
tif2freq Periods Per Year for Time Index Frequencies
ymdShade Shading Date Ranges
ymd Extract parts of various Date-Time Objects
tierChart Create tier charts
tiDaily Daily and Business Day Time Indexes
tisLegend Add a legend to a tisPlot or scatterPlot
tisPlot Plot time indexed series (tis objects)
tisFilter Linear Filtering on a Time Series
tisFromCsv Read time series from Comma Separated Values (.csv) file
today Time Index for the Current Date
updateColumns Update lists and time series
asClassyList Convert a vector into a list of objects with the same class
assignList Assign Values In a List to Names
constantGrowthSeries Constant Growth Series
convert Time scale conversions for time series
currentMonday Day of Week Time Indexes
currentPeriod Current Period Time Indexes
hms Hours, Minutes and Seconds from a Time Index or Jul
holidays Holidays
lags Lag a Time Series
latestPeriod Most Recent Period Time Indexes
stripClass Remove part of a class attribute
stripBlanks Strip Blanks
tis-package Time Indices and Time Indexed Series
tis Time Indexed Series
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