tm (version 0.6-1)

readTagged: Read In a POS-Tagged Word Text Document


Return a function which reads in a text document containing POS-tagged words.




Arguments passed to TaggedTextDocument.


  • A function with the following formals: [object Object],[object Object],[object Object] The function returns a TaggedTextDocument representing the text and metadata extracted from elem$content or elem$uri. The argument id is used as fallback if elem$uri is null.


Formally this function is a function generator, i.e., it returns a function (which reads in a text document) with a well-defined signature, but can access passed over arguments (...) via lexical scoping.

See Also

Reader for basic information on the reader infrastructure employed by package tm.


# See or file ca01 in the Brown corpus
x <- paste("The/at grand/jj jury/nn commented/vbd on/in a/at number/nn of/in",
	   "other/ap topics/nns ,/, among/in them/ppo the/at Atlanta/np and/cc",
	   "Fulton/np-tl County/nn-tl purchasing/vbg departments/nns which/wdt",
	   "it/pps said/vbd ``/`` are/ber well/ql operated/vbn and/cc follow/vb",
	   "generally/rb accepted/vbn practices/nns which/wdt inure/vb to/in the/at",
	   "best/jjt interest/nn of/in both/abx governments/nns ''/'' ./.")
vs <- VectorSource(x)
elem <- getElem(stepNext(vs))
(doc <- readTagged()(elem, language = "en", id = "id1"))