Difference R Output Files

Given two R output files, compute differences ignoring headers, footers and some other differences.

Rdiff(from, to, useDiff = FALSE, forEx = FALSE, nullPointers = TRUE, Log = FALSE)
from, to
filepaths to be compared
should diff always be used to compare results?
logical: extra pruning for ‘-Ex.Rout’ files to exclude the header.
logical: should the displayed addresses of pointers be set to 0x00000000 before comparison?
logical: should the returned value include a log of differences found?

The R startup banner and any timing information from R CMD BATCH are removed from both files, together with lines about loading packages. UTF-8 fancy quotes (see sQuote) and on Windows, Windows' so-called ‘smart quotes’, are mapped to a simple quote. Addresses of environments, compiled bytecode and other exotic types expressed as hex addresses (e.g. ) are mapped to 0x00000000. The files are then compared line-by-line. If there are the same number of lines and useDiff is false, a simple diff -b -like display of differences is printed (which ignores trailing spaces and differences in numbers of consecutive spaces), otherwise diff -bw is called on the edited files. (This tries to ignore all differences in whitespace: note that flag -w is not required by POSIX but is supported by GNU, Solaris and FreeBSD versions.)

This can compare uncompressed PDF files, ignoring differences in creation and modification dates.


If Log is true, a list with components status (see below) and out, a character vector of descriptions of differences, possibly of zero length.Otherwise, a status indicator, 0L if and only if no differences were found.

See Also

The shell script run as R CMD Rdiff.

  • Rdiff
Documentation reproduced from package tools, version 3.1.0, License: Part of R 3.1.0

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