tools v3.3.1

Tools for Package Development

Tools for package development, administration and documentation.

Functions in tools

Name Description
assertCondition Asserting Error Conditions
checkRdaFiles Report on Details of Saved Images or Re-saves them
checkFF Check Foreign Function Calls
buildVignette Build one vignette
charsets Conversion Tables between Character Sets
bibstyle Select or define a bibliography style.
check_packages_in_dir Check Source Packages and Their Reverse Dependencies
add_datalist Add a ‘datalist’ File to a Package
checkMD5sums Check and Create MD5 Checksum Files
checkPoFiles Check translation files for inconsistent format strings.
checkTnF Check R Packages or Code for T/F
dependsOnPkgs Find Reverse Dependencies
find_gs_cmd Find a GhostScript Executable
getDepList Functions to Retrieve Dependency Information
checkVignettes Check Package Vignettes
delimMatch Delimited Pattern Matching
fileutils File Utilities
encoded_text_to_latex Translate non-ASCII Text to LaTeX Escapes
compactPDF Compact PDF Files
codoc Check Code/Documentation Consistency
make_translations_pkg Package the Current Translations in the R sources
makeLazyLoading Lazy Loading of Packages
md5sum Compute MD5 Checksums
HTMLlinks Collect HTML Links from Package Documentation
makevars User and Site Compilation Variables
getVignetteInfo Get information on installed vignettes.
installFoundDepends A function to install unresolved dependencies
package_dependencies Computations on the Dependency Hierarchy of Packages
loadRdMacros Load user-defined Rd help system macros.
HTMLheader Generate a standard HTML header for R help
parse_Rd Parse an Rd file
.print.via.format Printing Utilities
Rd2HTML Rd Converters
pskill Kill a Process
package.dependencies Check Package Dependencies
psnice Get or Set the Priority (Niceness) of a Process
QC QC Checks for R Code and/or Documentation
parseLatex These experimental functions work with a subset of LaTeX code.
Rcmd R CMD Interface
Rd2txt_options Set formatting options for text help
showNonASCII Pick Out Non-ASCII Characters
read.00Index Read 00Index-style Files
testInstalledPackage Test Installed Packages
Rdiff Difference R Output Files
texi2dvi Compile LaTeX Files
Rdindex Generate Index from Rd Files
startDynamicHelp Start the Dynamic HTML Help System
Rdutils Rd Utilities
RdTextFilter Select text in an Rd file.
SweaveTeXFilter Strip R code out of Sweave file
tools-defunct Defunct Objects in Package tools
tools-package Tools for Package Development
tools-deprecated Deprecated Objects in Package tools
toRd Generic function to convert object to a fragment of Rd code.
vignetteEngine Set or Get a Vignette Processing Engine
vignetteDepends Retrieve Dependency Information for a Vignette
update_pkg_po Prepare Translations for a Package
toTitleCase Convert Titles to Title Case
undoc Find Undocumented Objects
write_PACKAGES Generate PACKAGES files
xgettext Extract Translatable Messages from R Files in a Package
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Priority base
License Part of R 3.3.1
suggests codetools , methods , xml2
Contributors R team

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