tools v3.4.3

Tools for Package Development

Tools for package development, administration and documentation.

Functions in tools

Name Description
CRANtools CRAN Package Repository Tools
QC QC Checks for R Code and/or Documentation
Rd2HTML Rd Converters
HTMLheader Generate a standard HTML header for R help
HTMLlinks Collect HTML Links from Package Documentation
Rcmd R CMD Interface
Rd2txt_options Set formatting options for text help
RdTextFilter Select text in an Rd file.
Rdiff Difference R Output Files
Rdindex Generate Index from Rd Files
add_datalist Add a datalist File to a Package
buildVignettes List and Build Package Vignettes
assertCondition Asserting Error Conditions
charsets Conversion Tables between Character Sets
Rdutils Rd Utilities
SweaveTeXFilter Strip R code out of Sweave file
checkFF Check Foreign Function Calls
checkMD5sums Check and Create MD5 Checksum Files
bibstyle Select or define a bibliography style.
buildVignette Build one vignette
checkTnF Check R Packages or Code for T/F
checkRdaFiles Report on Details of Saved Images or Re-saves them
dependsOnPkgs Find Reverse Dependencies
delimMatch Delimited Pattern Matching
checkVignettes Check Package Vignettes
check_packages_in_dir Check Source Packages and Their Reverse Dependencies
loadRdMacros Load user-defined Rd help system macros.
makeLazyLoading Lazy Loading of Packages
checkPoFiles Check translation files for inconsistent format strings.
fileutils File Utilities
make_translations_pkg Package the Current Translations in the R sources
checkRd Check an Rd Object
md5sum Compute MD5 Checksums
package_dependencies Computations on the Dependency Hierarchy of Packages
codoc Check Code/Documentation Consistency
getVignetteInfo Get information on installed vignettes.
compactPDF Compact PDF Files
testInstalledPackage Test Installed Packages
find_gs_cmd Find a GhostScript Executable
pskill Kill a Process
parse_Rd Parse an Rd file
encoded_text_to_latex Translate non-ASCII Text to LaTeX Escapes
read.00Index Read 00Index-style Files
makevars User and Site Compilation Variables
showNonASCII Pick Out Non-ASCII Characters
.print.via.format Printing Utilities
parseLatex These experimental functions work with a subset of LaTeX code.
toRd Generic function to convert object to a fragment of Rd code.
psnice Get or Set the Priority (Niceness) of a Process
tools-package Tools for Package Development
texi2dvi Compile LaTeX Files
startDynamicHelp Start the Dynamic HTML Help System
tools-defunct Defunct Objects in Package tools
toHTML Display an object in HTML.
toTitleCase Convert Titles to Title Case
vignetteEngine Set or Get a Vignette Processing Engine
write_PACKAGES Generate PACKAGES files
undoc Find Undocumented Objects
tools-deprecated Deprecated Objects in Package tools
update_pkg_po Prepare Translations for a Package
vignetteDepends Retrieve Dependency Information for a Vignette
xgettext Extract Translatable Messages from R Files in a Package
package_native_routine_registration_skeleton Write Skeleton for Adding Native Routine Registration to a Package
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Priority base
License Part of R 3.4.3
NeedsCompilation yes
suggests codetools , curl , methods , xml2
Contributors R team

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