Methods for Function perplexity

Determine the perplexity of a fitted model.

perplexity(object, newdata, ...)
"perplexity"(object, newdata, control, ...)
"perplexity"(object, newdata, control, use_theta = TRUE, estimate_theta = TRUE, ...)
"perplexity"(object, newdata, control, use_theta  = TRUE, estimate_theta = TRUE, ...)
Object of class "TopicModel" or "Gibbs_list".
If missing, the perplexity for the data to which the model was fitted is determined. For objects fitted using Gibbs sampling newdata needs to be specified.
If missing, the control of the fitted model is used with suitable changes of the relevant parameters (see Details).
Object of class "logical". If TRUE the estimated topic distributions for the documents are used. Otherwise equal weights are assigned to the topics for each document.
Object of class "logical". If FALSE the data provided is assumed to be the same as the data used for fitting the model. The topic distributions therefore do not need to be estimated and the data in newdata is used for weighting the term-document occurrences.
Further arguments passed to the different methods.

The specified control is modified to ensure that (1) estimate.beta=FALSE and (2) nstart=1.

For "Gibbs_list" objects the control is further modified to have (1) iter=thin and (2) best=TRUE and the model is fitted to the new data with this control for each available iteration. The perplexity is then determined by averaging over the same number of iterations.

If a list is supplied as object, it is assumed that it consists of several models which were fitted using different starting configurations.


A numeric value.


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