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Implement Tour Methods in R Code

Implements geodesic interpolation and basis generation functions that allow you to create new tour methods from R.
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Functions in tourr

Name Description
display_trails Display tour path with trails
display_stereo Anaglpyh tour path animation.
Tropical Atmosphere Ocean Tropical Atmosphere Ocean data
Flea measurements Flea beatle measurements
dependence_tour A dependence tour path.
cmass Central mass index.
freeze Freeze and thaw matrices
display_andrews Andrews' curves tour path animation.
new_geodesic_path Generate a geodesic path between bases supplied by generator
display_scatmat Scatterplot matrix tour path animation.
find_platform Find the platform Find the platform being used by the user
path_curves Draw the path that the geodesics took.
plot.path_curve Plot history curves.
display_image Image tour path animation.
Rat CNS Rat CNS Gene Expression
Places Ratings Ratings of different locations across North America
check_freezer_safe Check matrix is a valid frozen matrix
pda_pp PDA projection pursuit index.
Ozone measurements Monthly ozone measurements over Central America
lda_pp LDA projection pursuit index.
find_path_peak Find the most interesting projection along a geodesic.
orthonormalise_by Orthonnormalise one matrix by another.
find_frozen_path_peak Find most highest peak along frozen geodesic.
interpolate Interpolate geodesically between bases.
to_stop Prints information on how to stop the output
paths_index Compute index value for many histories.
andrews Compute Andrews' curves
basis_init Generate initial basis.
new_tour Create a new tour.
basis_nearby Generate nearby bases, e.g. for simulated annealing.
orthonormalise Orthonormalise using modified Gram-Schmidt process.
step_angle Step along an interpolated path by angle in radians.
proj_dist Calculate the distance between two bases.
path_index Compute index values for a tour history.
sphere Sphere a matrix (or data frame) by transforming variables to principal components.
display_faces Chernoff faces tour path animation.
search_better Search for a better projection near the current projection.
blank_plot Set up a blank plot to display data projections
display_pcp Parallel coordinates tour path animation.
center Center a numeric vector by subtracting off its mean.
display_dist 1d distribution tour path animation.
geodesic_info Calculate information required to interpolate along a geodesic path between two frames.
is_orthonormal Test if a numeric matrix is orthonormal.
display_xy Display tour path with a scatterplot
display_depth Display 3d projection with depth cues
Olive oil measurements Olive oil samples from Italy
find_best_frozen_dir Find most promising direction in frozen space.
animate Animate a tour path.
step_fraction Step along an interpolated path by fraction of path length.
path_dist Compute distance matrix from bases.
little_tour A little tour path.
search_geodesic Search for most interesting projection along random geodesics.
anaglyph Draw anaglyphs with base graphics.
search_better_random Search for better projection, with stochastic component.
geodesic_path Generate geodesic path.
save_history Save tour history.
project3d Stereographic projection
rescale Rescale a matrix or data frame
guided_tour A guided tour path.
xnul A null function
planned_tour A planned tour path.
render Render frames of animation to disk
display_stars Star glyph tour path animation.
bases_little Generate bases for the little tour
basis_random Generate a random basis
search_frozen_geodesic Search for most interesting projection along frozen geodesics.
plot.path_index Plot history index with ggplot2.
frozen_tour A frozen tour path.
local_tour A local tour path.
grand_tour A grand tour path.
frozen_guided_tour The frozen guided tour
normalise Normalise a numeric matrix.
Laser measurements Turnable laser measurements from Bellcore
draw_tour_axes Draw tour axes with base graphics
find_best_dir Find the most promising direction to travel in.
holes Holes index.
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