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by Ryan Hafen

Create and Navigate Large Multi-Panel Visual Displays

An extension of Trellis Display that enables creation, organization, and interactive viewing of multi-panel displays created against potentially very large data sets. The dynamic viewer tiles panels of a display across the screen in a web browser and allows the user to interactively page through the panels and sort and filter them based on "cognostic" metrics computed for each panel. Panels can be created using many of R's plotting capabilities, including base R graphics, 'lattice', 'ggplot2', and many 'htmlwidgets'. Conditioning is handled through the 'datadr' package, which enables 'Trelliscope' displays with potentially millions of panels to be created against terabytes of data on systems like 'Hadoop'. While designed to scale, 'Trelliscope' displays can also be very useful for small data sets.


Trelliscope: Detailed Visualization of Large Complex Data in R

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Trelliscope is an R package to be used in conjunction with datadr and RHIPE to provide a framework for detailed visualization of large complex data.


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To get started, see the package documentation and function reference located here.


This software is currently under the BSD license.


Trelliscope development is sponsored by the DARPA XDATA program.

Functions in trelliscope

Name Description
cogHref Href Cognostic
deployVDB Deploy VDB to or RStudio Connect
dfCogConn Initiate Data Frame Cognostics Connection
setLims Specify Rules for x and y Limits for a Display
splod Create a Scatterplot Display
validateState Validate State Parameters
vdbConn Connect to a VDB
view View a Display or Run Shiny Display Viewer
webConn Initialize a Web Connection
cogLoessRMSE Compute RMSE of Loess Fit Cognostic
cleanupDisplays Remove Backed-Up Trelliscope Displays
cog Create a Cognostics Object
listDisplays List Displays in a VDB
makeDisplay Create a Trelliscope Display
noMargins Remove Margins from Trellis/Lattice Plot
phantomInstall Get instructions on how to install phantomjs
restoreDisplay Restore a Backed-Up Display Object
removeDisplay Remove a Display from a VDB
stateSpec Set State Parameters
syncLocalData Sync localDisk objects to VDB
webSync Sync VDB files to a web server
widgetThumbnail Make a thumbnail for an htmlwidget panel
getVdbPath Get Current VDB Path
toHash Methods for dealing with state and hashes
makeStateHash Make a URL hash out of state information
cogPre Methods Used in MapReduce for makeDisplay
print.cog Print a cognostics object
print.dfCogConn Print a dfCogConn object
vdbConvert Convert a VDB to be usable with the new Trelliscope viewer (experimental)
vdbCopyRSource Copy files ending in .R from source directory into a VDB-wide global code directory for use in Trelliscope displays
trelliscope-package Trelliscope: Create and Navigate Large Multi-Panel Visual Displays
updateDisplay Update a Display Object
cogDisplayHref DisplayHref Cognostic
cogNcol Methods for Cognostics Connections
makePNG Make a png for a Subset
makeSplodData Create Data Plottable by splod
encodePNG base64 Encoding of a .png File
vdbGlobalsFile Path to VDB global data storage file
vdbGlobalsExist Check to see if the VDB-wide global data file exists
cogScagnostics Compute Scagnostics
cogSlope Compute Slope of Linear Fit Cognostic
plot.trsPre Plot results form prepanel
prepanel Prepanel Function for Trelliscope Displays
print.vdbConn Print a vdbConn Object
qtrellis Quick trelliscope display for data frame-like inputs
applyCogFn Apply Cognostics Function to a Key-Value Pair
batting Lahman's Batting Data for 2014
print.displayObj Print a display object
print.qtrellis Print a qtrellis Object
getDisplay Retrieve Display Object from VDB
splodCogFn Default Cognostics Function for splod
splodPanelFn Default Plot Function for splod
cogMean Compute Mean Cognostic
cogRange Compute Range Cognostic
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Type Package
Date 2016-09-25
License BSD_3_clause + file LICENSE
LazyData yes
NeedsCompilation no
RoxygenNote 5.0.1
Packaged 2016-10-02 23:57:35 UTC; hafen
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2016-10-03 08:17:52

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