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Triangulation of Irregularly Spaced Data

A constrained two-dimensional Delaunay triangulation package providing both triangulation and generation of voronoi mosaics of irregular spaced data.

Functions in tripack

Name Description
plot.tri Plot a triangulation object
circum Determine the circumcircle of a triangle
plot.voronoi Plot a voronoi object
voronoi Voronoi object
tri.dellens Compute the Delaunay segment lengths
tritest tritest / sample data
tri.find Locate a point in a triangulation
identify.tri Identify points in a triangulation plot
convex.hull Return the convex hull of a triangulation object
tri.mesh Create a delaunay triangulation
plot.voronoi.polygons plots an voronoi.polygons object
voronoi.area Calculate area of Voronoi polygons
tri A triangulation object
add.constraint Add a constraint to an triangulaion object
cells extract info about voronoi cells
print.summary.tri Print a summary of a triangulation object
summary.voronoi Return a summary of a voronoi object
circles plot circles
neighbours List of neighbours from a triangulation object
print.summary.voronoi Print a summary of a voronoi object
outer.convhull Version of outer which operates only in a convex hull
voronoi.findrejectsites Find the Voronoi sites at the border of the region (to be rejected).
summary.tri Return a summary of a triangulation object
circumcircle Determine the circumcircle of a set of points
circtest circtest / sample data
on.convex.hull Determines if points are on the convex hull of a triangulation object
voronoi.mosaic Create a Voronoi mosaic
print.voronoi Print a voronoi object
tripack-internal Internal functions
left Determines whether given points are left of a directed edge.
triangles Extract a list of triangles from a triangulation object
in.convex.hull Determines if points are in the convex hull of a triangulation object
voronoi.polygons extract polygons from a voronoi mosaic
print.tri Print a triangulation object
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License ACM | file LICENSE
Date 2020-03-06
NeedsCompilation yes
Packaged 2020-03-06 10:03:23 UTC; agebhard
License_restricts_use yes
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2020-03-06 16:10:02 UTC

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