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Analysis of Two-Way Tables

Carries out analyses of two-way tables with one observation per cell, together with graphical displays for an additive fit and a diagnostic plot for removable 'non-additivity' via a power transformation of the response. It implements Tukey's Exploratory Data Analysis (1973) <ISBN: 978-0201076165> methods, including a 1-degree-of-freedom test for row*column 'non-additivity', linear in the row and column effects.

Functions in twoway

Name Description
Arizona Mean monthly temperatures in Arizona
anova.twoway ANOVA summary for a two-way table, including Tukey Additivity Test
to_long Reshape a data.frame or matrix to a long data.frame
taskRT Data on reaction times for various tasks and topics
print.twoway Print method for two-way tables
plot.twoway Plot methods for two-way tables
twoway.formula Formula method for twoway analysis using a dataset in long format
twoway Analysis of a two-way table with one observation per cell
residuals.twoway Extract residuals from a twoway object
sentRT Reaction times for T/F judgments
meanfit Fit a two-way table using row and column means
as.twoway Create an initial twoway object representing the data before fitting
ladder_power Find the nearest ladder-of-powers representation of a power transformation Convert a twoway object to a data frame This function converts a "twoway" object to a data.frame
drugs Scores for 5 subjects after being given each of 4 drugs
medianfit Fit a two-way table using median polish
hstart Number of U.S. housing starts by month for the years 1965 -- 1973
insectCounts Counts of an insect for the combinations of 4 treatments and 6 areas of a field
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Date/Publication 2020-06-26 06:10:02 UTC

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