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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Remote Sensing Tools

Support the analysis of drone derived imagery and point clouds as a cheap and easy to use alternative/complement to light detection and ranging data. It provides functionality to analyze poor quality digital aerial images as taken by low budget ready to fly drones. This includes supported machine learning based classification functions, comprehensive texture analysis, segmentation algorithms as well as forest relevant analyzes of metrics and measures on the derived products.


Project Status: Active – The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed. CRAN version GitHub last commit License

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle R Tools

The uavR tools consist of two packages:

  • mission planning uavRmp (CRAN)
  • remote sensing toolbox uavRst (CRAN)

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Remote Sensing Toolbox - uavRst

The uavRstanalysis toolbox package is far from being mature. You will need for most of the uavRst functions a bunch of third party software. The most comfortable way to fulfill these requirements is to install QGIS, GRASS- and SAGA-GIS. Following the excellent provided by the RQGIS team will give you a good first try to ensure a smooth working environment.

Most of the LiDAR related operations can be done by the great R package lidR. However for some of the basic point cloud related operations you will need to install the LAStool software. The LAStools toolset is available at the rapidlasso homepage. Please download it and unzip it as usual. For Windows systems it is by default expected that you put it at C:/LASTools, running Linux at ~/apps/LASTools.

Note: For running LAStools tools under Linux you first need to install wine.

In addition you need to install the link2GI package. In case of any problems drop an issue or try to use the actual github hosted version of the package.

Nevertheless all mentioned software packages have to be installed correctly on your the OS. Most of it tested under Windows and Linux and should run... The most easiest way to obtain a fairly good runtime enviroment is to setup Linux as a dual boot system or in a VB.

A full list of necessary libaries and binaries beyond R will hopefully (soon) be provided.


You will find some tutorials and examples at the uavRst Wiki. Please feel free to participate.


The master branch is a github mirror for the CRAN version.

To install the actual development version from github you need to have installed the devtools package.

devtools::install_github("gisma/uavRst", ref = "develop")

Functions in uavRst

Name Description
chmseg_FT Watershed segmentation based on 'ForestTools'
predict_rgb classify images using raster predict
chmseg_ITC Decision tree segmentation method to grow individual tree crowns based on 'itcSegment'
lastool simple wrapper for some LAStools functions
chmseg_RL Watershed segmentation based on 'rLiDAR'
rgb RGB Orthoimagefrom an arbitray MOF plot
calc_ext Convenient function to preprocess synthetic raster bands from a given RGB image and/or DTM/DSM data.
line_maxpos applies a line to a raster and returns the position of the maximum value.
chm_seg Canopy height model raster map
otb_stat Calculates local statistics for a given kernel size
rgb_indices RGB indices
ffs_train Forward feature selection based on rf model
otbtex_edge Calculates edges for a given kernel size.
fileProcStatus returns the status of saga modules
cutTif clips a tif files according to a given extent.
colorspace imagemagick based function to transform the RGB color space into another
digitize Easy digitizing of vector features within your rstudio session (or any browser)
pacman example raster data set for demonstration usage
r2saga converts R raster* objects to SAGA raster
r_in_lidar wraps the tool
pc3D_dsm Create a Digital Surface Model from a UAV generated point cloud
shape2grass converts OGR to GRASS vector
getCrayon colorize the cat outputs
crown_filter basic filtering of crown polygons using altitude, area and other optional thresholds
get_traindata Extracts training data from a raster stack using vector data as a mask.
glcm_texture Calls the glcm package with useful settings
morpho_dem calculates most important DEM parameters
mrbiko DEM data set of Marburg-Biedenkopf
shp2so reads shapefiles as sf or sp objects
get_counts counts pixel values according to their classes
otbtex_gray Calculates Gray scale morphological operations for a given kernel size.
poly_maxpos extract for all polygons the position of the maximum value of the applied raster(s).
poly_metrics calculate morphometric features of polygons.
pc3D_dtm create a Digital Terrain Model from preclassified point cloud data
pc_2D_dsm Create a Digital Terrain Model from UAV generated point clouds by minimum altitude sampling
raster2sdat writes raster* objects to the SAGA format
split2SAGA Split multiband image to single band SAGA files
so2shp writes shapefiles from sf or sp* objects
trp_seg Optional tree position raster map
otbtex_hara OTB wrapper for Haralick's simple, advanced and higher order texture features.
treepos_RL 'rLiDAR' based tree detection of a LiDAR-derived Canopy Height Model (CHM)
uavRst Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Remote Sensing Tools - some cool tools to manipulate and analyze UAV derived RGB ortho imagery and point clouds.
pc_2D_mdtm Create a Digital Terrain Model from UAV generated point clouds by minimum altitude sampling (multiple resolutions of sampling gridsize)
pc_2D_fdtm Create a Digital Terrain Model from UAV generated point clouds by minimum altitude sampling (fix resolution of sampling gridsize)
saga2r converts SAGA raster to R raster object
treepos_lidR tree top detection based on local maxima filters as provided by 'lidR'
read_gpx Read a GPX file.
treepos_FT 'ForestTools' tree top detection
treepos_GWS Find potential tree positions using a canopy height model
setHomePath Checks if running on a specified computer domain
xyz2tif Read and Convert xyz DEM/DSM Data as typically provided by the Authorities.
chmseg_GWS seeded region growing tree crown segmentation based on 'SAGA GIS'
grass2shape converts GRASS vector to shape file
grass2tif converts GRASS raster to Geotiff
poly_stat Calculate descriptive statistics of raster as segemented by polygons
linkAll convenient function to establish all link2GI links
make_bandnames create name vector corresponding to the training image stack create vector containing the names of the image stack claculated using calc_ext
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Date 2018-12-8
Encoding UTF-8
License GPL (>= 3) | file LICENSE
LinkingTo Rcpp
RoxygenNote 6.1.1
SystemRequirements GNU make
NeedsCompilation yes
Packaged 2018-12-09 13:18:44 UTC; creu
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2018-12-09 14:20:06 UTC

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