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Quantitative Analysis Made Accessible

This is a new version of the 'userfriendlyscience' package, which has grown a bit unwieldy. This first submission contains a number of basic functions to easily format values, work with scales, and format vectors in a single character value. Over time, more functions presently in 'userfriendlyscience' will be migrated over to this package.



ufs: A leaner, cleaner version of the userfriendlyscience package

Functions in ufs

Name Description
formatPvalue Pretty formatting of p values
noZero Remove one or more zeroes before the decimal point
vecTxt Easily parse a vector into a character value
ifelseObj Conditional returning of an object
isTrue More flexible version of isTRUE
formatR Pretty formatting of correlation coefficients
%IN% Case insensitive version of %in%
formatCI Pretty formatting of confidence intervals
is.nr NULL and NA 'proof' checking of whether something is a number
cat0 Concatenate to screen without spaces
is.odd Checking whether numbers are odd or even
makeScales Title
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Type Package
Date 2018-08-01
License GPL (>= 3)
URL https://userfriendlyscience.com
BugReports https://github.com/matherion/userfriendlyscience/issues
Encoding UTF-8
LazyData true
RoxygenNote 6.0.1
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2018-08-02 14:45:04 UTC; micro
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2018-08-02 15:30:03 UTC

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