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This is a new version of the 'userfriendlyscience' package, which has grown a bit unwieldy. Therefore, distinct functionalities are being 'consciously uncoupled' into different packages. This package contains the general-purpose tools and utilities (see the 'behaviorchange' package, the 'rosetta' package, and the soon-to-be-released 'scd' package for other functionality), and is the most direct 'successor' of the original 'userfriendlyscience' package. For example, this package contains a number of basic functions to create higher level plots, such as diamond plots, to easily plot sampling distributions, to generate confidence intervals, to plan study sample sizes for confidence intervals, and to do some basic operations such as (dis)attenuate effect size estimates.


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Functions in ufs

Name Description
arr Absolute Relative Risk and confidence interval
computeStatistic_t associationMatrix Helper Functions
%IN% Case insensitive version of %in%
A_VarghaDelaney Vargha & Delaney's A
aiperjmv Sample size for accuracy: r
aipedjmv Sample size for accuracy: d
associationsDiamondPlot A diamondplot with confidence intervals for associations
areColors Check whether elements of a vector are valid colors
associationMatrix associationMatrix
carelessReport A report to help diagnosing careless responders
CIM Conceptual Independence Matrix
diamondCoordinates Basic ggplot2 diamond plot layer construction functions
bfi-data 25 Personality items representing 5 factors
cohensdCI The distribution of Cohen's d
checkPkgs Check for presence of a package
biAxisDiamondPlot Diamondplot with two Y axes
convertToNumeric Conveniently convert vectors to numeric
carelessObject Compute diagnostics for careless responding
cramersV Cramer's V and its confidence interval
fa_failsafe Do factor-analysis, logging warnings and errors
attenuate.d Attenuate a Cohen's d estimate for unreliability in the continuous variable
confIntOmegaSq Confidence intervals for Omega Squared
factorLoadingDiamondCIplot Two-dimensional visualisation of factor analyses
duoComparisonDiamondPlot meansComparisonDiamondPlot and duoComparisonDiamondPlot
attenuate.r Attenuate a Pearson's r estimate for unreliability in the measurements
extractVarName Extract variable names
confintrjmv Effect Size Confidence Interval: Pearson's r
confintdjmv Effect Size Confidence Interval: Cohens's d
confIntProp Confidence intervals for proportions, vectorized over all arguments
ggEasyBar Convenience functions for ggplots based on multiple variables
ggBoxplot Box plot using ggplot
cat0 Concatenate to screen without spaces
convert.d.to.U3 Convert Cohen's d to U3
disattenuate.d Disattenuate a Cohen's d estimate for unreliability in the continuous variable
convert conversion functions
knitAndSave knitAndSave
exportToHTML Exporting tables to HTML
knitFig Easily knit a custom figure fragment
escapeRegex Escapes any characters that would have special meaning in a reqular expression.
ggSave Save a ggplot with specific defaults
ggProportionPlot Sample distribution based plotting of proportions
disattenuate.r Disattentuate a Pearson's r estimate for unreliability
ggBarChart Bar chart using ggplot
formatPvalue Pretty formatting of p values
formatR Pretty formatting of correlation coefficients
getData Basic SPSS translation functions
ifelseObj Conditional returning of an object
ggqq Easy ggplot Q-Q plot
meanConfInt A confidence interval for the mean
irpplot Visualising individual response patterns
is.nr NULL and NA 'proof' checking of whether something is a number
diamondPlot Basic diamond plot construction function
confIntR A function to compute a correlation's confidence interval
iqrOutlier Identify outliers according to the IQR criterion
descr descr (or descriptives)
isTrue More flexible version of isTRUE
multiResponse Generate a table for multiple response questions
meanSDtoDiamondPlot A diamond plot based on means, standard deviations, and sample sizes
repeatStr Repeat a string a number of times
findShortestInterval Find the shortest interval
multiVarFreq Generate a table collapsing frequencies of multiple variables
noZero Remove one or more zeroes before the decimal point
faConfInt Extract confidence bounds from psych's factor analysis object
formatCI Pretty formatting of confidence intervals
multiResponsejmv Multi Response
convert.cer.to.d Helper functions for Numbers Needed for Change
opts Options for the ufs package
biDimColors Create colours for a response scale for an item
dataShape normalityAssessment and samplingDistribution
makeScales Title
zotero_nr_of_items Get number of items in a public Zotero group
report Output report from results
sharedSubString sharedSubString
pwr.bootES Estimate required sample size for accuracy in parameter estimation using bootES
setFigCapNumbering Set caption numbering
suspectParticipants Selects suspect participants from a carelessObject
strToFilename Convert a string to a safe filename
spearmanBrown Spearman-Brown formula
testRetestSimData testRetestSimData is a simulated dataframe used to demonstrate the testRetestAlpha coefficient function.
pomegaSq The distribution of Omega Squared
vecTxt Easily parse a vector into a character value
zotero_construct_export_call Construct the URL for a Zotero export call
normalHist normalHist
meansDiamondPlot Diamond plots
qVec Convenience function to quickly copy-paste a vector
is.odd Checking whether numbers are odd or even
regrInfluential Detecting influential cases in regression analyses
meansDiamondPlotjmv Diamond plot: means
safeRequire Load a package, install if not available
pwr.confIntProp Estimate required sample size for accuracy in parameter estimation of a proportion
massConvertToNumeric Converting many dataframe columns to numeric
scaleDiagnosis scaleDiagnosis
pwr.confIntR Determine required sample size for a given confidence interval width for Pearson's r
scaleStructure scaleStructure
scatterMatrix scatterMatrix
zotero_get_all_items Get all items in a public Zotero group
zotero_download_and_export_items Download and save all items in a public Zotero group
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