Contains A List of Conditions

Condition lists are S4 classes that contain condition objects emitted by unitizer tests. Condition lists will typically be accessible via the .NEW and .REF unitizer test objects. You can access individual conditions using [[ (see examples), and for the most part you can treat them as you would an S3 list containing conditions.


There are show and all.equal methods implemented for them, the latter of which is used to compare conditions across tests. If you wish to implement a custom comparison function via unitizer_sect, your function will need to compare conditionList objects.


Implemented as an S4 class to avoid setOldClass and related compatibility issues; the conditionList class contains unitizerList.



list of conditions

See Also

unitizer_sect, unitizerList, all.equal.conditionList

  • conditionList
  • conditionList-class
## Create a test item as you would find normally at the `unitizer` prompt
## for illustrative purposes:
.NEW <- mock_item()
## Access the first condition from the new test evaluation
## loop through all conditions
for(i in seq_along(.NEW$conditions)) .NEW$conditions[[i]]
Documentation reproduced from package unitizer, version 1.4.2, License: GPL (>= 2)

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