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ecological drift under the UNTB

A collection of utilities for biodiversity data. Includes the simulation of ecological drift under Hubbell's Unified Neutral Theory of Biodiversity, and the calculation of various diagnostics such as Preston curves.

Functions in untb

Name Description
fisher Various functionality to implement Fisher's logseries
expected.abundance Expected abundances under the neutral model
etienne Etienne's sampling formula
print.summary.count Print method for summary objects
logS1 logarithms of Stirling numbers of the first kind
volkov Expected frequency of species
simpson Simpson's diversity index
saunders Dataset due to Saunders
phi Hubbell's phi
alonso Various functions from Alonso and McKane 2004
species.count Ecosystem diagnostics for output of untb()
no.of.ind Ecosystem diagnostics
plot.count Abundance curves
count Construct, coerce, and test for a count object
preston Preston diagram of an ecosystem
vallade Various functions from Vallade and Houchmandzadeh
optimal.prob Returns an estimate of the fundamental biodiversity number
bci Barro Colorado Island (BCI) dataset
logkda Etienne's K(D,A)
sahfos Biodiversity dataset provided by SAHFOS
rand.neutral Random neutral ecosystem
theta.prob Posterior probabilities for theta
butterflies abundance data for butterflies
summary.count Summary methods for count and census objects
untb-package Unified neutral theory of biodiversity
untb Ecological drift simulation under the Unified Neutral Theory of Biodiversity
extractor Extract rows of a database in count form
copepod Copepod data supplied by Phil Pugh
print.preston Print and plot objects of class Preston
display.untb Animation of neutral ecological drift
zsm Zero sum multinomial distribution as derived by McKane
census Construct, coerce, and test for a census object
+.count Add two count objects
isolate Randomly select a subset of an ecosystem
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Type Package
Date 2009-26-02
SystemRequirements PARI/GP >= 2.3.0 [strongly recommended for logkda()]
License GPL
URL http://www.r-project.org
Packaged Thu Mar 19 20:32:39 2009; rksh
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2009-03-30 06:47:08

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