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US Maps Including Alaska and Hawaii

Obtain United States map data frames of varying region types (e.g. county, state). The map data frames include Alaska and Hawaii conveniently placed to the bottom left, as they appear in most maps of the US. Convenience functions for plotting choropleths and working with FIPS codes are also provided.



Functions in usmap

Name Description
statepop Population estimates (2015), state level
.mountain Mountain census division
us_map Retrieve US map data
usmap_transform Convert coordinate date frame to usmap projection
theme_map This creates a nice map theme for use in plot_usmap. It is borrowed from the ggthemes package located at this repository:
.west_north_central West North Central census division
.south_region South census region
fips_info Retrieve states or counties using FIPS codes
.new_england New England census division
getFipsInfo Gets FIPS info for either states or counties depending on input. Helper function for S3 method fips_info.
statepov Poverty percentage estimates (2014), state level
.south_atlantic South Atlantic census division
usmap usmap: US maps including Alaska and Hawaii
usmap_crs usmap coordinate reference system
.west_south_central West South Central census division
map_with_data Join county or state level data to US map data
.west_region West census region
.east_south_central East South Central census division
earthquakes Earthquakes (2019)
.east_north_central East North Central census division
plot_usmap Conveniently plot basic US map
fips Retrieve FIPS code for either a US state or county
countypop Population estimates (2015), county level
countypov Poverty percentage estimates (2014), county level
.mid_atlantic Mid-Atlantic census division
.pacific Pacific census division
citypop Most populous city in each state (2010)
.midwest_region Midwest census region
.north_central_region North-Central census region
.northeast_region Northeast census region
col_classes Map data column classes
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