utils (version 3.3.1)

RShowDoc: Show R Manuals and Other Documentation


Utility function to find and display R documentation.


RShowDoc(what, type = c("pdf", "html", "txt"), package)


a character string: see ‘Details’.
an optional character string giving the preferred format. Can be abbreviated.
an optional character string specifying the name of a package within which to look for documentation.


A invisible character string given the path to the file found.


what can specify one of several different sources of documentation, including the R manuals (R-admin, R-data, R-exts, R-intro, R-ints, R-lang), NEWS, COPYING (the GPL licence), any of the licenses in ‘share/licenses’, FAQ (also available as R-FAQ), and the files in ‘R_HOME/doc’.

Only on Windows, the R for Windows FAQ is specified by rw-FAQ.

If package is supplied, documentation is looked for in the ‘doc’ and top-level directories of an installed package of that name.

If what is missing a brief usage message is printed.

The documentation types are tried in turn starting with the first specified in type (or "pdf" if none is specified).

See Also

For displaying regular help files, help (or ?) and help.start.

For type = "txt", file.show is used. vignettes are nicely viewed via RShowDoc(*, package= . ).