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by David Meyer

Visualizing Categorical Data

Visualization techniques, data sets, summary and inference procedures aimed particularly at categorical data. Special emphasis is given to highly extensible grid graphics. The package was inspired by the book "Visualizing Categorical Data" by Michael Friendly.

Functions in vcd

Name Description
assocstats Association Statistics
JobSatisfaction Job Satisfaction Data
Bundesliga Ergebnisse der Fussball-Bundesliga
spineplot Spineplots
table2d_summary Summary of a 2-way Table
Saxony Families in Saxony
Suicide Suicide Rates in Germany
Hitters Hitters Data
Kappa Cohen's Kappa and Weighted Kappa
SpaceShuttle Space Shuttle O-ring Failures
hls HLS Color Specification
Trucks Truck Accidents Data
legends Legend Functions for Strucplots
independence_table Independence Table
VisualAcuity Visual Acuity in Left and Right Eyes
labeling_cells_list Labeling Functions for Strucplots
strucplot Structured Displays of Contingency Tables
spacings Spacing-generating Functions
Baseball Baseball Data
UKSoccer UK Soccer Scores
WeldonDice Weldon's Dice Data
fourfold Fourfold Plots
NonResponse Non-Response Survey Data
Pairs plot panel functions for off-diagonal cells Off-diagonal Panel Functions for Table Pairs Plot
shadings Shading-generating Functions for Residual-based Shadings
HorseKicks Death by Horse Kicks
Butterfly Butterfly Species in Malaya
Federalist `May' in Federalist Papers
WomenQueue Women in Queues
DanishWelfare Danish Welfare Study Data
JointSports Opinions About Joint Sports
VonBort Von Bortkiewicz Horse Kicks Data
MSPatients Diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis
Punishment Corporal Punishment Data
plot.loglm Visualize Fitted Log-linear Models
grid_barplot Barplot
distplot Diagnostic Distribution Plots
ternaryplot Ternary Diagram
mosaic Extended Mosaic Plots
rootogram Rootograms
struc_assoc Panel-generating Function for Association Plots
struc_mosaic Panel-generating Function for Mosaic Plots
Ord_plot Ord Plots
Lifeboats Lifeboats on the Titanic
SexualFun Sex is Fun
PreSex Pre-marital Sex and Divorce
goodfit Goodness-of-fit Tests for Discrete Data
co_table Compute Conditional Tables
structable Structured Contingency Tables
woolf_test Woolf Test
doubledecker Doubledecker Plot
pairs.table Pairs Plot for Contingency Tables
Arthritis Arthritis Treatment Data
CoalMiners Breathlessness and Wheeze in Coal Miners
mar_table Table with Marginal Sums
RepVict Repeat Victimization Data
BrokenMarriage Broken Marriage Data
OvaryCancer Ovary Cancer Data
Employment Employment Status
sieveplot Sieve Plots
Pairs plot panel functions for diagonal cells Diagonal Panel Functions for Table Pairs Plot
Rochdale Rochdale Data
assoc Extended Association Plots
oddsratio (Log) Odds Ratios
coindep_test Test for (Conditional) Independence
grid_legend Legend Function for grid Graphics
labeling_text Labeling Functions for Strucplots
agreementplot Bangdiwala's Observer Agreement Chart
rainbow_hcl HCL and HSV Color Palettes
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Date 2005-07-01
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Packaged Sat Jul 2 15:15:03 2005; zeileis

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