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'vcd' Extensions and Additions

Provides additional data sets, methods and documentation to complement the 'vcd' package for Visualizing Categorical Data and the 'gnm' package for Generalized Nonlinear Models. In particular, 'vcdExtra' extends mosaic, assoc and sieve plots from 'vcd' to handle 'glm()' and 'gnm()' models and adds a 3D version in 'mosaic3d'. Additionally, methods are provided for comparing and visualizing lists of 'glm' and 'loglm' objects. This package is now a support package for the book, "Discrete Data Analysis with R" by Michael Friendly and David Meyer.


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Extensions and additions to vcd: Visualizing Categorical Data

Version 0.7-1

This package provides additional data sets, documentation, and a few functions designed to extend the vcd package for Visualizing Categorical Data and the gnm package for Generalized Nonlinear Models. In particular, vcdExtra extends mosaic, assoc and sieve plots from vcd to handle glm() and gnm() models and adds a 3D version in mosaic3d().

vcdExtra is now a support package for the book Discrete Data Analysis with R by Michael Friendly and David Meyer.

The main purpose of this package is to serve as a sandbox for introducing extensions of mosaic plots and related graphical methods that apply to loglinear models fitted using glm() and related, generalized nonlinear models fitted with gnm() in the gnm package. A related purpose is to fill in some holes in the analysis of categorical data in R, not provided in base R, vcd, or other commonly used packages.

  • The method mosaic.glm() extends the mosaic.loglm() method in the vcd package to this wider class of models. This method also works for the generalized nonlinear models fit with the gnm package, including models for square tables and models with multiplicative associations.

  • mosaic3d() introduces a 3D generalization of mosaic displays using the rgl package.

  • A new class, glmlist, is introduced for working with collections of glm objects, e.g., Kway() for fitting all K-way models from a basic marginal model, and LRstats() for brief statistical summaries of goodnes-of-fit for a collection of models.

  • For square tables with ordered factors, Crossings() supplements the specification of terms in model formulas using Symm(), Diag(), Topo(), etc. in the gnm package.

  • In addition, there are many new data sets, a tutorial vignette, Working with categorical data with R and the vcd package, vignette("vcd-tutorial", package = "vcdExtra"), and a few useful utility functions for manipulating categorical data sets and working with models for categorical data.

Functions in vcdExtra

Name Description
Bartlett Bartlett data on plum root cuttings
Burt Burt (1950) Data on Hair, Eyes, Head and Stature
Dyke Sources of Knowledge of Cancer
Fungicide Carcinogenic Effects of a Fungicide
Glass British Social Mobility from Glass(1954)
HLtest Hosmer-Lemeshow Goodness of Fit Test
Kway Fit All K-way Models in a GLM
LRstats Brief Summary of Model Fit for glm and loglm Models
Titanicp Passengers on the Titanic
Toxaemia Toxaemia Symptoms in Pregnancy
logseries The Logarithmic Series Distribution
mcaplot Simple and enhanced plot of MCA solutions
seq_loglm Sequential Loglinear Models for an N-way Table
print.Kappa Print Kappa
AirCrash Air Crash Data
Alligator Alligator Food Choice
Crossings Crossings Interaction of Factors
CyclingDeaths London Cycling Deaths
Heart Sex, Occupation and Heart Disease
Heckman Labour Force Participation of Married Women 1967-1971
Mice Mice Depletion Data
Mobility Social Mobility data
WorkerSat Worker Satisfaction Data
Yamaguchi87 Occupational Mobility in Three Countries
cutfac Cut a Numeric Variable to a Factor
datasets Information on Data Sets in Packages
seq_mosaic Sequential Mosaics and Strucplots for an N-way Table
split3d Subdivide a 3D Object
Abortion Abortion Opinion Data
Accident Traffic Accident Victims in France in 1958
Draft1970 USA 1970 Draft Lottery Data
Draft1970table USA 1970 Draft Lottery Table
ICU ICU data set
JobSat Cross-classification of job satisfaction by income
PhdPubs Publications of PhD Candidates
ShakeWords Shakespeare's Word Type Frequencies
mosaic.glmlist Mosaic Displays for glmlist and logllmlist Objects
mosaic3d 3D Mosaic Plots
CMHtest Generalized Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel Tests
Caesar Risk Factors for Infection in Caesarian Births
Detergent Detergent preference data
Donner Survival in the Donner Party
Geissler Geissler's Data on the Human Sex Ratio
Gilby Clothing and Intelligence Rating of Children
HospVisits Hospital Visits Data
Hoyt Minnesota High School Graduates
Vietnam Student Opinion about the Vietnam War
Vote1980 Race and Politics in the 1980 Presidential Vote
blogits Bivariate Logits and Log Odds Ratio
collapse.table Collapse Levels of a Table
Cancer Survival of Breast Cancer Patients
Cormorants Advertising Behavior by Males Cormorants
HairEyePlace Hair Color and Eye Color in Caithness and Aberdeen
Hauser79 Hauser (1979) Data on Social Mobility
Summarise Brief Summary of Model Fit for glm and loglm Models
TV TV Viewing Data
logLik.loglm Log-Likelihood of a loglm Object
loglin-utilities Loglinear Model Utilities
update.xtabs Update method for a xtabs object
vcdExtra-deprecated Deprecated Functions in vcdExtra Package
DaytonSurvey Dayton Student Survey on Substance Use
Depends Dependencies of R Packages
expand.dft Expand a frequency table to case form
glmlist Create a Model List Object
GKgamma Calculate Goodman-Kruskal Gamma for ordered tables
GSS General Social Survey-- Sex and Party affiliation
Mammograms Mammogram Ratings
Mental Mental impariment and parents SES
modFit Brief Summary of Model Fit for a glm or loglm Object
mosaic.glm Mosaic plots for fitted generalized linear and generalized nonlinear models
vcdExtra-package Extensions and additions to vcd: Visualizing Categorical Data
zero.test Score test for zero inflation in Poisson data
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