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Vehicular Emissions Inventories

Elaboration of vehicular emissions inventories, consisting in four stages, pre-processing activity data, preparing emissions factors, estimating the emissions and post-processing of emissions in maps and databases. More details in Ibarra-Espinosa et al (2018) <doi:10.5194/gmd-11-2209-2018>. Before using VEIN you need to know the vehicular composition of your study area, in other words, the combination of of type of vehicles, size and fuel of the fleet. Then, it is recommended to start with the function inventory to create a structure of directories and template scripts.

Functions in vein

Name Description
age Returns amount of vehicles at each age applying survival functions
celsius Construction function for Celsius temperature
age_moto Returns amount of vehicles at each age
ef_china Emissions factors from Chinese emissions guidelines
ef_evap Evaporative emission factor
ef_ldv_scaled Scaling constant with speed emission factors of Light Duty Vehicles
ef_ldv_cold_list List of cold start emission factors of Light Duty Vehicles
ef_ive Base emissions factors from International Vehicle Emissions (IVE) model
cold_mileage Fraction of mileage driven with a cold engine or catalizer below normal temperature
ef_cetesb Emissions factors for Environment Company of Sao Paulo, Brazil (CETESB) 2017
ef_ldv_cold Cold-Start Emissions factors for Light Duty Vehicles
emis_cold Estimation of cold start emissions hourly for the of the week
emis_cold_td Estimation of cold start emissions with top-down approach
emis_grid Allocate emissions into a grid
emis_hot_td Estimation of hot exhaust emissions with top-down approach
ef_fun Experimental: Returns a function of Emission Factor by age of use
age_hdv Returns amount of vehicles at each age
ef_ldv_speed Emissions factors for Light Duty Vehicles and Motorcycles
ef_hdv_speed Emissions factors for Heavy Duty Vehicles based on average speed
ef_im Emission factors deoending on accumulated mileage
age_ldv Returns amount of vehicles at each age
emis_post Post emissions
emis_paved Estimation of resuspension emissions from paved roads
long_to_wide Transform data.frame from long to wide format
make_grid Creates rectangular grid for emission allocation
remove_units Remove units
emis_merge Merge several emissions files returning data-frames or 'sf' of lines
emis_det Determine deterioration factors for urban conditions
ef_hdv_scaled Scaling constant with speed emission factors of Heavy Duty Vehicles
ef_nitro Emissions factors of N2O and NH3
emis_evap Estimation of evaporative emissions
emis_order Re-order the emission to match specific hours and days
emis_chem Aggregate emissions by lumped groups in chemical mechanism
ef_whe Emission factor that incorporates the effect of high emitters
emis Estimation of emissions
ef_wear Emissions factors from tyre, break and road surface wear
emis_wear Emission estimation from tyre, break and road surface wear
matvect Matrix and vector multiplication
running_losses-deprecated Estimation of average daily hot-soak evaporative emissions
temp_fact Expansion of hourly traffic data
invcop Helper function to copy and zip projects
emis_to_streets Emis to streets distribute top-down emissions into streets
emis_source A function to source vein scripts
inventory Inventory function.
to_latex creates a .tex a table from a data.frame
emis_dist Allocate emissions into spatial objects (street emis to grid)
grid_emis Allocate emissions gridded emissions into streets (grid to emis street)
fuel_corr Correction due Fuel effects
emis_evap2 Estimation of evaporative emissions 2
pc_cold Profile of Vehicle start patterns
my_age Returns amount of vehicles at each age
emis_wrf-deprecated Generates emissions dataframe to generate WRF-Chem inputs
pc_profile Profile of traffic data 24 hours 7 n days of the week
speciate Speciation of emissions
vein_notes vein_notes for writting technical notes about the inventory
split_emis Split street emissions based on a grid
net Road network of the west part of Sao Paulo city
fe2015 Emission factors from Environmental Agency of Sao Paulo CETESB
fkm List of functions of mileage in km fro Brazilian fleet
wide_to_long Transform data.frame from wide to long format
pollutants Data.frame with pollutants names and molar mass used in VEIN
netspeed Calculate speeds of traffic network
vkm Estimation of VKM
vein-package vein: Vehicular Emissions Inventories
profiles Profile of traffic data 24 hours 7 n days of the week
vein-deprecated DEPRECATED Construction function for class "EmissionsList"
add_polid Add polygon id to lines road network
GriddedEmissionsArray Construction function for class "GriddedEmissionsArray"
Speed Construction function for class "Speed"
Vehicles Construction function for class "Vehicles"
adt Average daily traffic (ADT) from hourly traffic data.
Emissions Construction function for class "Emissions"
EmissionFactors Construction function for class "EmissionFactors"
EmissionsArray Construction function for class "EmissionsArray"
EmissionFactorsList Construction function for class "EmissionFactorsList"
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