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Read and Write Rectangular Text Data Quickly

The goal of 'vroom' is to read and write data (like 'csv', 'tsv' and 'fwf') quickly. When reading it uses a quick initial indexing step, then reads the values lazily , so only the data you actually use needs to be read. The writer formats the data in parallel and writes to disk asynchronously from formatting.



Functions in vroom

Name Description
date_names Create or retrieve date names
gen_tbl Generate a random tibble
generators Generate individual vectors of the types supported by vroom
guess_type Guess the type of a vector
vroom_altrep_opts Show which column types are using Altrep
vroom_example Get path to vroom examples
vroom_lines Read lines from a file
reexports Objects exported from other packages
vroom_progress Determine if progress bars should be shown
cols_condense Examine the column specifications for a data frame
vroom_str Structure of objects
cols Create column specification
as.col_spec Coerce to a column specification
vroom_write Write a data frame to a delimited file
vroom_format Convert a data frame to a delimited string
vroom_fwf Read a fixed width file into a tibble
locale Create locales
output_column Preprocess column for output
vroom-package vroom: Read and Write Rectangular Text Data Quickly
vroom Read a delimited file into a tibble
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