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by Ram Narasimhan

Get Weather Data from the Web

Functions that help in fetching weather data from websites. Given a location and a date range, these functions help fetch weather data (temperature, pressure etc.) for any weather related analysis.

Functions in weatherData

Name Description
USAirportWeatherStations Data - US Weather Stations ID's
IntlWxStations Data - International Weather Stations
SFO2012 Data - Ambient Temperature for the City of San Francisco for all of 2012
London2013 Data - Ambient Temperature for the City of London for all of 2013
NewYork2013 Data - Ambient Temperature for New York City for all of 2013
checkDataAvailabilityForDateRange Quick Check to see if WeatherUnderground has Weather Data for given station for a range of dates
getStationCode Gets the Weather Station code for a location (in the US)
checkDataAvailability Check if WeatherUnderground has Data for given station and date
getWeatherData Gets weather data for a single date
IsStationTypeInvalid Check if the station type is airportCode or id
getDailyMinMaxTemp Get the daily minimum (maximum) temperatures for a given weather stations
SFO2013 Data - Ambient Temperature for the City of San Francisco for all of 2013
getCurrentTemperature Get the latest recorded temperature for a location
getWeatherForDate Getting data for a range of dates
getWeatherForYear Get weather data for one full year
Mumbai2013 Data - Ambient Temperature for the City of Mumbai, India for all of 2013
weatherData-package Get Weather & Temperature data from the Web
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Date 2014-01-31
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License GPL
Packaged 2014-02-04 07:11:01 UTC; 212310464
NeedsCompilation no
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2014-02-04 10:42:18

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