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Data Set and Helper Functions for Wind Farm Layout Optimization Problems

Provides a convenient data set, a set of helper functions and a benchmark function for economically (profit) driven wind farm layout optimization. This enables researchers in the field of the NP-hard (non-deterministic polynomial-time hard) problem of wind farm layout optimization to focus on their optimization methodology contribution and also provides a realistic benchmark setting for comparability among contributions.

Functions in wflo

Name Description
IsInWake For a given range of two angles, checks whether a given wind direction is within that range.
JensenAngle For a given distance x, computes the wake cone generated by a turbine.
JensenFactor For a given distance x, computes the penalty factor for a turbine's wake.
Yield Returns yearly yield for a turbine's location.
wflo Data set and functions for wind farm layout optimization.
Profit Computes the economic profit for a given wind farm layout configuration
e Environment for data and variables.
ValidSetup Checks whether all turbine locations provided satisfy the minimum distance criterion.
PlotResult Visualizes the wind farm layout optimization result.
PairPenalty Returns the Jensen wake penalty factor for a pair of turbines.
GetArrow Simple helper function for PlotResult.
GetDirInfo Returns average wind direction and direction standard deviation for a turbine's location.
ImposeVectorField Simple helper function for PlotResult.
Geo2Ari Converts degrees between the arithmetic system and the azimuth system (and vice versa).
AcquireData Downloads the larger data set for entire Germany
GetAngle Returns the angle between two turbines.
Cost Stub for a turbine's cost function.
FarmData Data set for wind farm layout optimization.
FarmVars Variables object for wind farm specifications.
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License GPL-3
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Date/Publication 2020-03-25 16:10:02 UTC

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