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Graphics in the Context of Analyzing High-Throughput Data

Additional options for making graphics in the context of analyzing high-throughput data are available here. This includes automatic segmenting of the current device (eg window) to accommodate multiple new plots, automatic checking for optimal location of legends in plots, small histograms to insert as legends, histograms re-transforming axis labels to linear when plotting log2-transformed data, a violin-plot <doi:10.1080/00031305.1998.10480559> function for a wide variety of input-formats, principal components analysis (PCA) <doi:10.1080/14786440109462720> with bag-plots <doi:10.1080/00031305.1999.10474494> to highlight and compare the center areas for groups of samples, generic MA-plots (differential- versus average-value plots) <doi:10.1093/nar/30.4.e15>, staggered count plots and generation of mouse-over interactive html pages.

Functions in wrGraph

Name Description
MAplotW MA-plot (differential intensity versus average intensity)
convertPlotCoordPix Convert points of plot to coordinates in pixels
checkForLegLoc Find best place on plot for placing legend
addBagPlot Add bagplot to existing plot
cumFrqPlot Cumulative (or sorted) frequency plot (takes columns of 'dat' as separate series)
VolcanoPlotW Volcano-plot (Statistical Test Outcome versus Relative Change)
legendHist Add histogram to existing plot
histW Histogram (version by WR)
mouseOverHtmlFile Create mouse-over interactive html-pages (with links)
imageW Display numeric content of matrix as image
partitionPlot Make matrix for layout to partition plotting area
staggerdCountsPlot Staggered Chart for Ploting Counts to Multiple Leveles of the Threshold used
plotBy2Groups Separate and plot data by 2 groups
vioplotW Violin-plots version W
plotLinReg Plot linear regression and confidence interval of regression
plotPCAw PCA plot with bag-plot to highlight groups
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