xts C API Documentation

This help file is to help in development of xts, as well as provide some clarity and insight into its purpose and implementation.

By Jeffrey A. Ryan, Dirk Eddelbuettel, and Joshua M. Ulrich Last modified: 2018-05-02 Version: 0.10-3 and above

At present the xts API has publicly available interfaces to the following functions (as defined in xtsAPI.h):

Callable from other R packages:
  SEXP xtsIsOrdered(SEXP x, SEXP increasing, SEXP strictly)
  SEXP xtsNaCheck(SEXP x, SEXP check)
  SEXP xtsTry(SEXP x)
  SEXP xtsRbind(SEXP x, SEXP y, SEXP dup)
  SEXP xtsCoredata(SEXP x)
  SEXP xtsLag(SEXP x, SEXP k, SEXP pad)

Internal use functions: int isXts(SEXP x) void copy_xtsAttributes(SEXP x, SEXP y) void copy_xtsCoreAttributes(SEXP x, SEXP y)

Internal use macros: xts_ATTRIB(x) xts_COREATTRIB(x) GET_xtsIndex(x) SET_xtsIndex(x,value) GET_xtsIndexFormat(x) SET_xtsIndexFormat(x,value) GET_xtsCLASS(x) SET_xtsCLASS(x,value)

Internal use SYMBOLS: xts_IndexSymbol xts_ClassSymbol xts_IndexFormatSymbol

Callable from R: SEXP mergeXts(SEXP args) SEXP rbindXts(SEXP args) SEXP tryXts(SEXP x)

  • xtsAPI
# some example code to look at

file.show(system.file('api_example/README', package="xts"))
file.show(system.file('api_example/src/checkOrder.c', package="xts"))
# }
Documentation reproduced from package xts, version 0.12-0, License: GPL (>= 2)

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