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Statistical Models for Word Frequency Distributions

Statistical models and utilities for the analysis of word frequency distributions. The utilities include functions for loading, manipulating and visualizing word frequency data and vocabulary growth curves. The package also implements several statistical models for the distribution of word frequencies in a population. (The name of this package derives from the most famous word frequency distribution, Zipf's law.)

Functions in zipfR

Name Description
ItaPref Italian Ri- and Ultra- Prefix Frequency Data (zipfR)
BrownSubsets Brown Corpus Subset Frequency Data (zipfR)
EV-EVm.spc Binomial Interpolation (zipfR)
EV-EVm Expected Frequency Spectrum (zipfR)
Baayen2001 Frequency Spectra from Baayen (2001) (zipfR)
EvertLuedeling2001 Samples of German Word Formation Affixes (zipfR)
N-V-Vm Access Methods for Observed Frequency Data (zipfR)
Dickens Dickens' Frequency Data (zipfR)
Brown Brown Corpus Frequency Data (zipfR)
N-V-Vm.spc Access Methods for Frequency Spectra (zipfR)
confint.lnre Confidence Intervals for LNRE Model Parameters (zipfR)
Tiger Tiger NP and PP expansions (zipfR)
N-V-Vm.tfl Access Methods for Type Frequency Lists (zipfR)
LNRE Type and Probability Distributions of LNRE Models (zipfR)
N-V-Vm.vgc Access Methods for Vocabulary Growth Curves (zipfR)
VV-Vm Variances of the Expected Frequency Spectrum (zipfR)
bootstrap.confint Estimate Confidence Intervals from Parametric Bootstrap Simulations (zipfR)
beta_gamma Incomplete Beta and Gamma Functions (zipfR)
lnre.details Technical Details of LNRE Model Objects (zipfR)
lnre.spc Compute Expected Frequency Spectrum of LNRE Model (zipfR)
lnre.vgc Expected Vocabulary Growth Curves of LNRE Model (zipfR) The Zipf-Mandelbrot (ZM) LNRE Model (zipfR)
print.vgc Printing Vocabulary Growth Curves (zipfR)
print.tfl Printing Type Frequency Lists (zipfR)
print.spc Printing Frequency Spectra (zipfR)
read.tfl Loading and Saving Type Frequency Lists (zipfR)
lnre.gigp The Generalized Inverse Gauss-Poisson (GIGP) LNRE Model (zipfR)
plot.vgc Plot Vocabulary Growth Curves (zipfR)
plot.tfl Plot Type-Frequency List / Zipf Ranking (zipfR)
lnre.fzm The finite Zipf-Mandelbrot (fZM) LNRE Model (zipfR) Goodness-of-fit Evaluation of LNRE Models (zipfR)
lnre.bootstrap Parametric bootstrapping for LNRE models (zipfR)
read.multiple.objects Reading Multiple Objects from Files (zipfR)
read.spc Loading and Saving Frequency Spectra (zipfR)
productivity.measures Measures of Productivity and Lexical Richness (zipfR)
spc.interp Expected Frequency Spectrum by Binomial Interpolation (zipfR)
sample.spc Incremental Samples from a Frequency Spectrum (zipfR)
sample.tfl Incremental Samples from a Type Frequency List (zipfR)
print.lnre Printing LNRE Models (zipfR)
LNRE_posterior Posterior Distribution of LNRE Model (zipfR)
tfl Type Frequency Lists (zipfR)
zipfR.plotutils Plotting Utilities (zipfR)
vec2xxx Type-Token Statistics for Samples and Empirical Data (zipfR)
spc.vector Create Vector of Spectrum Elements (zipfR)
zipfR.par Set or Query Graphics Parameters (zipfR)
zipfR-package zipfR: lexical statistics in R
estimate.model Estimate LNRE Model Parameters (zipfR)
lnre LNRE Models (zipfR)
merge.tfl Merging Type Frequency Lists (zipfR)
plot.spc Plot Word Frequency Spectra (zipfR)
spc Frequency Spectra (zipfR)
read.vgc Loading and Saving Vocabulary Growth Curves (zipfR)
spc2tfl Convert Between Frequency Spectra and Type Frequency Lists (zipfR)
vgc.interp Expected Vocabulary Growth by Binomial Interpolation (zipfR)
vgc Vocabulary Growth Curves (zipfR)
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Type Package
Date 2019-09-30
License GPL-3
LazyData yes
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2019-10-01 07:38:44 UTC; evert
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2019-10-01 09:10:02 UTC

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