zlibbioc v1.18.0

An R packaged zlib-1.2.5

This package uses the source code of zlib-1.2.5 to create libraries for systems that do not have these available via other means (most Linux and Mac users should have system-level access to zlib, and no direct need for this package). See the vignette for instructions on use.

Functions in zlibbioc

Name Description
pkgconfig Retrieve configuration values for PKG_CFLAGS and PKG_LIBS.
zlibbioc-package An R packaged zlib-1.2.5
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Type Package
URL http://bioconductor.org/packages/release/bioc/html/Zlibbioc.html
License Artistic-2.0 + file LICENSE
LazyLoad yes
biocViews Infrastructure
Contributors Martin Morgan

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