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by Achim Zeileis

Z's ordered observations

An S3 class with methods for totally ordered indexed observations. It is particularly aimed at irregular time series of numeric vectors/matrices and factors. zoo's key design goals are independence of a particular index/date/time class and consistency with with ts and base R by providing methods to extend standard generics.

Functions in zoo

Name Description
make.par.list Make a List from a Parameter Specification
frequency<- Replacing the Index of Objects
aggregate.zoo Compute Summary Statistics of zoo Objects
rollmean Rolling Means/Maximums/Medians
plot.zoo Plotting zoo Objects
zooreg Regular zoo Series
index Extracting/Replacing the Index of Objects
lag.zoo Lags and Differences of zoo Objects
yearqtr An Index Class for Quarterly Data
ORDER Ordering Permutation
coredata Extracting/Replacing the Core Data of Objects
na.trim Trim Leading/Trailing Missing Observations
yearmon An Index Class for Monthly Data
na.locf Last Observation Carried Forward
is.regular Check Regularity of a Series
na.approx Replace NA by Interpolation
xyplot.zoo Plot zoo Series with Lattice
rollapply Apply Rolling Functions
read.zoo Reading and Writing zoo Series
window.zoo Extract/Replacing the Time Windows of Objects
zoo Z's Ordered Observations
as.zoo Coercion from and to zoo
MATCH Value Matching
as.Date.numeric Date Conversion Functions from Numeric, Integer and ts Objects
merge.zoo Merge Two or More zoo Objects
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Date 2009-05-21
LazyLoad yes
License GPL-2
URL http://R-Forge.R-project.org/projects/zoo/
Packaged 2009-05-21 22:14:05 UTC; zeileis
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2009-05-21 22:31:25

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