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AIM: adaptive index model

R functions for adaptively constructing index models for continuous, binary and survival outcomes. Implementation requires loading R-pacakge "survival"

Functions in AIM

Name Description
backfit.logistic.main Internal function used in logistic.main
backfit.cox.main Internal function used in cox.main
cv.lm.interaction Cross-validation in interaction linear AIM
index.prediction Predict index based on fitted AIM
backfit.logistic.interaction Internal function used in logistic.interaction
backfit.cox.interaction Internal function used in cox.interaction
cv.logistic.interaction Cross-validation in interaction logistic AIM
backfit.lm.interaction Internal function used in lm.interaction
cv.cox.main Cross-validation in main effect Cox AIM
cox.interaction Interaction Cox adaptive index model
cox.main Main effect Cox adaptive index model
cv.lm.main Cross-validation in main effect linear AIM
logistic.main Main effect logistic adaptive index model
lm.interaction Interaction linear adaptive index model
backfit.lm.main Internal function used in lm.main
cv.logistic.main Cross-validation in the main effect logistic AIM
cv.cox.interaction Cross-validation in the interaction Cox AIM
logistic.interaction Interaction logistic adaptive index model
lm.main Main effect linear adaptive index model
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License LGPL-2
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2010-04-05 19:01:20
Packaged 2010-01-30 00:45:50 UTC; lutian
depends survival
Contributors R. Tibshirani, L. Tian

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