AffyCompatible v1.32.0

by Martin Morgan

Affymetrix GeneChip software compatibility

This package provides an interface to Affymetrix chip annotation and sample attribute files. The package allows an easy way for users to download and manage local data bases of Affynmetrix NetAffx annotation files. The package also provides access to GeneChip Operating System (GCOS) and GeneChip Command Console (AGCC)-compatible sample annotation files.

Functions in AffyCompatible

Name Description
NetAffxResource-class Manage NetAffx annotations
accessors Access NetAffxResource-class content
zzz-DTTCompatibility-class (Auto-generated) classes and methods for navigating DTT sample attributes.
Internal-class (Internal) Represent 'typed associations' from XML documents
zzz-ARRCompatibility-class (Auto-generated) classes and methods for navigating ARR sample attributes.
readMage Read DTT (MAGE) sample attribute files
readXml (Advanced) Read XML files of Affymetrix sample attriubtes or annotation
AffyCompatible-class Virtual classes defining the "AffyCompatibility" hierarchy
AffyCompatible-package Affymetrix chip annotation and sample attribute management
zzz-NetAffxCompatibility-class (Auto-generated) classes and methods for navigating NetAffx resources
readArr Read ARR sample attribute files
xclass (Advanced) Construct R objects from XML document queries
readNetAffx Update or read a NetAffx data base
NetAffxResource Create and access a NetAffxResource database
xmlValue.XMLAttributeValue Additional functions defined in AffyCompatible
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Type Package
License Artistic-2.0
biocViews Infrastructure, Microarray, OneChannel

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